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To keep things smooth, every organization must keep its HR professionals up-to-date and skilled as per changing corporate environments. Using an online HR training platform can make continuous training and workshops pretty easy. Get Pinlearn Now.
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Why you need an online HR training platform?

Right from their own on-boarding to onboarding other employees, resolving workplace conflicts, dealing with employee retention, communicating termination notices, one can just go on explaining about the complex job description of an HR professional.
  • Quick compliance : An online HR platform converts your slower classroom
    training into a much faster workflow via digital delivery of courses, repeated
    tasks, grading, assessments, and assignments.
  • Customized training : Pinlearn also allows you to create and deliver customized
    training modules to individual learners, thus making it feasible to train every
    team member on their unique Job Description.
  • Easy tracking : Senior management can keep a close track on learning progress
    of every trainee via dedicated dashboards. It simplifies the way organizations
    can manage training of its HR professional across branches.
  • Cost cutting : Classroom training is an expensive undertaking. With HR training
    software, you can take your entire training program to a digital space, which
    demands only a fraction of investments that physical classes require.

What makes Pinlearn a perfect HR training software?

Intrusive course-building

Pinlearn allows you to create even complex courses in the easiest ways. With structured course authoring divided into modules, sections, lectures, and resources you can build courses without breaking a sweat.

Learning on the go

Encourages 24x7 learning with on the go access to learning resources available as self-paced courses, recorded lectures, instant messaging system and community discussion boards etc.

Multi-lingual training

Create and deliver HR training courses into different languages. Best of companies with HR teams spread across different regions
on the planet. Create your courses once, and delivered localized versions for different regions.

No recurring cost

Pinlearn is available with 100% open source-code access, which implies that you need not pay any recurring fee to use it. Purchase once, and you can have your HR training platform for good.

Building an HR Training Platform?

Pinlearn is an apt solution for your cause. It fits all your HR training requirements out of the box.
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