Tutoring Business Management Software with Dedicated Tutor Dashboards.

Sign up and manage multiple tutors in your eLearning marketplace. Tutors get a dashboard in the front-end to manage their courses, students, classes, and earnings on the platform.

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Dynamic & Robust Dashboard with Analytics

Tutors get a dedicated dashboard with advanced features and detailed analytics
displayed in easy to understand, graphical format.

  • Dedicated Tutor Dashboard in front-end.
  • Detailed dashboard with analytics in a graphical interface.
  • Easy to use navigation for hassle-free movement across dashboard.

Manage Courses

Tutors can create/edit/delete courses and update all sorts of course information
following a detailed, guided, and step-by-step workflow.

  • Create different sections for each course.
  • Create different lectures inside each section.
  • Add multiple videos, audios, and PDFs, etc. in each lecture.

Manage Group Webinars

Tutors can create host one-to-many live group webinar sessions. They can update
webinar details, descriptions, and images.

  • Create Single Day / Multi Day webinar course.
  • Set maximum number of participants in webinar.
  • Set Price, Description, Date, and Time of a webinar.

Earnings & Transactions

Tutors can track transaction details of all classes, webinars, and courses sold by
them, and sort each transaction details.

  • View details of each transaction.
  • View commission earned on each transaction.
  • Sort course transactions list on multiple traits.

Tutor Profile Management

Tutors can add/update profile details such as email, phone number, address, etc.
Also add/update profile description and trailer videos.

  • Update language of tutoring.
  • Add Resume and Skillsets.
  • Showcase total students enrolled.

Admin’s Tutor Management

The tutoring business management software allows admin to add/ delete a tutor
account from the back-end and browse a list of all tutors on the platform.

  • Browse Tutor’s appointment calendars.
  • Browse Tutor’s courses and webinars
  • Track and Manage Pay-outs to tutors

Tutor Management Software

Tutoring management software in Pinlearn is robust and offer a plethora of
features to manage thousands of tutors on your platform without breaking a sweat.

Calendar View 1-on-1 Classes

Allows admin/tutors/students to track and manage their side of details for booked live classes in a calendar view.

Message Students

An integrated two-way messaging portal to facilitate real-time on-platform communications between students and tutors.

Manage Appointments

Allows admin/tutors/students to track their side of details for appointments booked on the platform and filter the details.

Tutor-Student Interface

Tutors can also browse the website in students’ perspective to avail student features of the Pinlearn’s tutor management software.

Appointments & Sales Notifications

Respective automated email notifications to admin/tutors/students to alert regarding appointments and sales on the platform.

View Reviews and Ratings

Admin, students, and tutors can browse reviews and ratings given to a tutor by other students on the eLearning platform.

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