A Complete Online Tutoring Software

Build a marketplace of online classes with 1 on 1 live video chat, group webinars and self-paced courses - All using one tutoring business software.

Sell Courses

Create, upload, and sell online courses. Dedicated tutor dashboard with simplified workflow for course-authoring in multiple formats. Both Tutors and the admin can create, upload, and sell ready-made courses.

Live classes

Tutoring business software to sell slots for live 1-on-1 classes or private tuitions. Dedicated controls on students, tutors, and admin dashboard for managing live classes, scheduling, and payments.

  • Zoom & Lessonspace integrated.
  • Option to book free demo lessons and paid sessions.
  • Integrated calendar-view for appointments management.

Multiple monetization channels

Loaded with multiple, cutting-edge monetization channels to generate revenue from all possible eLearning business models. Make the most out of your eLearning business by getting paid for assortment of services.

  • Set commissions on courses and services sold by the tutors
  • Set different commission rates on tutors and course-categories.
  • Get paid from tutors by adding ‘featured listings’ on the website.

Tutor Dashboard & Analytics

A dedicated dashboard for registered tutors with all the critical analytics displayed in a graphical interface. Easy to use navigation for hassle-free navigation across different interfaces in the dashboard.

  • Tutor profile management to add/update/remove profile information.
  • Course, live classes, and webinar with integrated appointment manager.
  • Step-by-step course-creation workflow for hassle-free listing and approval.

Student dashboard

A dedicated student dashboard to add/update/delete student information. The dashboard offers all critical analytics displayed in a graphical user interface with hassle-free navigation across different interfaces.

  • Search, purchase, browse, and manage courses.
  • Book private live-classes or slots in group webinars.
  • Browse details of all the courses and sessions purchased.

Robust Admin Dashboard

A tutoring business software with a robust admin dashboard to control users, courses, classes, payments, and sales analytics in user-friendly, graphical formats. Hassle-free navigation through all control and sub-control panels.

  • A robust admin panel to manage everything and take full control.
  • CMS for SEO and website content organization.
  • Dedicated students, subjects, and courses, classes etc. management.

Pinlearn- The Tutoring Business Software

Build an all-in-one online learning platform with Pinlearn, and benefit from the most desirable business features in the market.

Internal messaging

Dedicated two-way messaging portal to facilitate communications between the students and tutors in your tutoring platform software.

Payment gateway

Integrated Stripe payment solution for receiving and sending payments in and out of the website. PayPal and other gateways coming soon.

Multi Language

Translate your eLearning website in any language and offer courses, classes, and webinars in regional locales for better traction.


Instant email and message notifications to admin, tutors, and students for various events on the website.


A robust coupons management system for courses, classes, and webinars etc. Activate/deactivate coupons manually or automatically.

Self-hosted & White-labelled

Brand your website the way you want with open source-code access and 100% freedom to choose your hosting partner.

A Fully-Packed E-Learning Platform Script with Premium Features

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