Student Management System Software with Dedicated Student Dashboard

Pinlearn gives a perfect student management system to enroll and manage online learners in the easiest ways. Track not just students but also their learning progress with simple clicks.

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    Students can book, browse, and track their appointments with tutors for live 1-
    on-1 classes or group webinars.

    • Search for live lessons and webinars.
    • Book 1-on-1 live classes and webinars.
    • Track appointments in calendar view

    Cancellation & Refunds

    Students can place refund requests on purchased courses, classes, and webinars.
    Admin and tutors can see refund requests.

    • Browse list of all refund requests with status details.
    • Approve/Decline a refund request after citing reasons.
    • Approved refunds return in original payment address.

    Track Course Completion

    Student management software allows admin/tutors/students to track course
    completion status and concerned details.

    • Track course completion status.
    • Browse list of complete courses.
    • Browse list of on-going courses.

    Search tutors by

    A complete student management system software with the ability to search and
    browse tutor profiles on multiple traits.

    • Search tutors by Subject and Grade.
    • Search Tutors by Course Category.
    • Search tutors by Availability and zip code.

    Search Courses & Webinars

    A detailed course browsing interface with ability to the students to search courses
    and webinars by filtering through multiple traits.

    • Browse a list of the latest courses and webinars.
    • Search courses and webinars by categories.
    • Preview a courses and webinar details guest user.

    Find Featured Listings

    An additional monetization channel for the admin to earn money adding Featured
    Listings shown as highlighted in the front-end.

    • Featured Tutors
    • Featured courses
    • Featured webinars

    Transaction & Payments History

    Students can browse a list of all their transactions on the website with their status
    and other relevant details.

    • Sort list of transactions by the tutor, price, date, etc.
    • Request for a refund for a transaction by mentioning the reason.
    • A separate list of refund requests with respective status and details.


    A robust alerts and notification management system that communicates with the
    students on different events in their accounts.

    • Notification on successful purchase.
    • Notifications on booked appointments.
    • Notifications on cancellations and refunds

    Student Management Software

    A complete student management system for eLearning platforms and the
    entrepreneurs who want to offer the best eLearning experience to their online learners.

    Enrol into Free / Paid courses

    Students can sign-up to take both paid and courses marked as free by the tutors.

    Message Tutors

    Send direct messages to the tutors to discuss doubts or other matters in person.

    Referral Program

    Invite friends and other users to join a course, class, or webinar, and win prizes.

    Enrol into Free / Paid live classes

    Take first free demo class from the tutors and enrol for paid classes afterwards.

    Mark as Favourite

    Mark a course/webinar/tutor as favourite and browse a list of all favourites.

    Multi Language

    Browse the website in multiple languages supported by this student management software.

    Apply discounts on purchases

    Apply discount coupons on a purchase to avail rebates on the courses and classes.

    Gift a Course / webinar

    Gift a purchased course to anyone by simply providing their email address.

    Reviews and Ratings

    Write reviews and rate tutors, classes, and courses for other users to refer.

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