Find answers to the general questions asked about Pinlearn below. You can always reach out to us if you can’t find your answers here.

Is Pinlearn a theme or plugin?

It’s neither a theme nor a plugin. It’s a business-ready turnkey application that lets you set up and run an Edutech startup in the lines of Outschool, Varsity tutors, Takelessons, Verbling, etc. Pinlearn is a Self-hosted eLearning live tutoring software with interactive live video classes and courses.

A traditional approach to building an application / MVP takes anywhere between 4-6 months and $15K-$20K USD. Pinlearn is 90x cost-effective and 100x faster to market.

Who should use Pinlearn?

Suppose you’re an Entrepreneur / Edupreneur looking to start an online school. In that case, An online educational marketplace connecting students with tutors or SMBs looking to set up an online portal to build and sell courses – Pinlearn is for you. Use Pinlearn to build amazing startups in the Edtech space. 

Where can I see the full product feature list?

We’ve put together a feature list PDF. You can check here.

Where can I see the demo?

You can check the live demo here.

If you’re looking for a demo walkthrough session, please use this contact form to schedule a demo walkthrough. Our team will reach out to you. 

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How many students and tutors can join my platform?

There is no limit on the number of students or tutors. There is no limit on the number of courses or live sessions as well. 

Is Pinlearn compatible with my WordPress theme?

Pinlearn is not built on WordPress. It’s not a WordPress theme or plugin. It’s not compatible with WordPress.


Learn everything technical about Pinlearn here.

Will I get an open source-code for the price?

Yes, you will get 100% unencrypted open source-code if you purchase the professional plan.

Will I get full IP rights and ownership?

You will get Full IP rights and ownership of the source code. You are free to modify & customize it as you like. 

What is the technology stack used?

It’s a business-ready application that is custom build on MEAN stack technology. For live video sessions, it uses Zoom SDK and Lessonspace you can choose the either of them.. For payment gateway, it uses Stripe. You can check the full technical documentation here.

Do I need a ZOOM PRO account?

For setting up the software – You would need a ZOOM Pro account. You can visit and signup for a Zoom Pro account. 

Do my teachers need a ZOOM PRO account, or Can they use a free Zoom basic account?

Due to the recent Zoom policy changes, Zoom has a time limit of 40min/class be it a group or one-to-one class. If your tutors are planning to take less than 40 minutes per group class or one-to-one class, they can use the Zoom basic account. If they want to go beyond 40 minutes per session, they would need a Zoom PRO account.

As an alternate option to Zoom we have integrated Lessonspace for one-to-one and live classes you can give a try.

Do my students need to have a Zoom account?

Your students need not have a zoom account. They can join as a participant and complete their lessons. 

For Webinar sessions ( Group class ) - Is there a limitation?

Zoom has no limitations when it comes to the number of users. While 1-to-1 classes in Lessonspace don’t limit users, the group classes can support only 10 students. 

Difference between Starters and Professionals license?

Professional license is for developers / if you have a technical team who would like to customize/modify the source code and develop more functionalities. You will receive Unminifed source code access.

A basic license is for first-time entrepreneurs who’re setting up a business. You will not get Unminified source code access. You will not be able to modify the source code.

Installation and Setup?

1) Domain name

– share the domain name & provide access to domain registrar login details to setup name servers, sendgrid and ssl config. 

2) SSL – You need a positive wildcard ssl to configure ssl to the website. 

positive wildcard ssl is required because it supports sub domains. 

we have 3 sub domains in the website. Admin, API and Lessons. – admin backend – this is where api runs – this is where zoom SDK runs. 

To support all sub domains – you need a positive wildcard ssl 

You can purchase positive wildcard ssl at – usually costs less than $75 per year.

3) Server – Unmanaged server with root access. Ubuntu OS, 4GB RAM, 80GB HDD, Dual-core processor 

– Recommended server – Amazon AWS EC2 / /

– Server cost – $25-$30 per month approx. 

4) Live streaming solution.

We have two solutions integrated. You can choose 1 to setup. 

Zoom SDK – To setup and configure zoom SDK – we need 1 ZOOM PRO license. It costs $15 per month.

The Lesson Space – to configure and generate lessonspace API, you need to buy Lessonspace license – You can find the pricing here.

You can choose the starters plan and upgrade to higher plans based on your usage.

5) Sendgrid – it’s free. When you cross 100 emails per day – you can upgrade to the pro plan. We use SendGrid for sending out transactional emails.

6) Stripe – for payment gateway. (Signup for free)

How does the payment work?

We’ve integrated the Stripe payment gateway. You can sign up with Stripe and activate your account. Students purchase using cards > Stripe collects the payment > Stripe deposits the amount to your bank > platform owner takes his commission > Process the tutor payouts.

Note: Tutor payout should be manual. It’s not automated yet. If you need to integrate Stripe connect – do let us know.

Is there an Interactive Whiteboard Tool in this platform?

We’ve integrated Zoom’s whiteboard functionality along with Zoom’s live video sessions. Tutorial on how to use zoom’s whiteboard feature.

For better interactive whiteboard functionality, we have integrated Lessonpsace as well.

Can Pinlearn be easily translated?

Pinlearn comes with a sophisticated Multi-language feature. You can add any language in the world and translate the whole platform into the preferred language. Students and tutors can choose the language they prefer to access the platform.

What kind of media files do Pinlearn courses support?

It supports all major video, audio & image file formats.

Does Pinlearn support webinars or live training events?

Yes, Pinlearn has live video 1-on-1 classes and group webinar classes. You can use both these features to run your platform. It operates via Zoom SDK and Lessonspace.

Is there a changelog?

Please find the link to the changelog here.


Know everything about billing process of Pinlearn, and how you can get Pinlearn’s software to build your platform.

Is pricing monthly or annual, or one-time payment?

We offer our script at a simple one-time purchase model (no recurring fee at all). Our script can be self-hosted a web server of your choice. We will be helping you with your installation and setup on the web-hosting server. Pinlearn will provide a 100% unencrypted source-code only if you purchase the professional plan.

Note: Installation Checklist- Domain, SSl, Server, Zoom Pro License, Lessonspace, Sendgrid and Stripeconnect cost is not included in the script’s price.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept PayPal, Credit cards, Wire transfer and Crypto.

Can I upgrade to the Professional plan at a later date?

Yes. You can upgrade to a professional plan whenever you would want to buy, paying the price difference.

How do I renew my license?

You need not renew your license. We provide a lifetime license with your one-time purchase.

Will I receive an invoice?

Yes, our billing system will generate an invoice for every purchase.

Do you offer refunds?

Since it’s a digital product. 100% source code is delivered instantly with your purchase. So there are no refunds. Kindly check the live demo before you purchase. What you see on the demo is what you get exactly. Anything that’s not available in our live demo, it has to be customized/developed at an additional cost. It doesn’t come in the base software cost. 


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Do you offer free trials?

Since we offer 100% unencrypted source-code and a self-hosted solution, offering free trials is not possible at the moment. However, you can always test our free live demo, which is a full version of our actual script in action. Besides, you can also book a free guided demo tour with our tech experts.

What kind of support do you offer?

We offer one-year free support. After a year, you can opt-in for $299 per year for support and maintenance. Our support hours are from 9 AM to 7 PM ( GMT+7) Monday to Friday.

What is a "site license"?

You can install it on one domain.

Does the Pinlearn software comply with GDPR?

When we set up your platform, we follow the guidelines to make it GDPR compliant. 

Do you offer custom development services?

Yes, we do offer custom development services. Please reach out to us to know our prices on custom software development. 

Do you have an affiliate program?

You can sign up as our affiliate here. We offer a 20% to 50% affiliate commission based on the level of affiliate partners. 

Can I customize it on my own?

If you’re a skilled developer/team with high technical knowledge in the MEAN stack, you can customize the source code. 

Can I hire your developers to customize my website?

Yes, we are available to work on customizing your website. Please contact us to share your requirements. 

Can I replace Zoom or Lessonspace with any other live streaming technology?

Right now ,the platform offers 2 options ,the site owner can choose between Zoom and Lessonspace.

If you’re looking to integrate any other third-party providers like BigBlueButton or Jitsi – we can customize at an additional cost.

What is your development charge?

Our standard hourly development charges start from $25 per hour. If your project requires more than 400 hours of work, we are open to negotiation. You can also hire our developer resource (full-stack engineer) at a fixed monthly cost of USD 3000.

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