Pinlearn Product Roadmap

Pinlearn product roadmap outlines the vision, direction, and progress of a product over time. We see to it the product features and functionalities are responsive to shifts in the competitive landscape.

Recent Updates

Learn about all the new feature releases and bug fixes in v3.0.7 Learn More
Zoom API is replaced with Zoom SDK for seamless Zoom sessions. Learn More
The admin can choose between Zoom or Lessonspace, the whiteboard of choice for live classes on the platform.
Tutors can create recurring events on calendars for 1-1 classes where they can set the time duration and choose the days of the week along with the start date and expiry date.
Tutors can successfully reschedule classes with students through the message button on the appointments page.
Learn about all the new feature releases and bug fixes in v3.0.6 Learn More
The calendar is in sync for live classes on the platform (group class and 1-1 class) Learn More
All slots of the group class is clustered and bundled together Learn More
Group classes can be soft deleted or deactivated by the site owner Learn More
Now payment refunds scenario work in two ways Learn More
Learn about all the new feature releases and bug fixes in v3.0.5 Learn More
Automatically detect daylight starting/ending based on the user’s time zone Learn More
Email notification when the tutor is removed from site owners Zoom Learn More
Learn about all the new feature releases and bug fixes in v3.0.4 Learn More
Organizing the classes based on categories, subjects, topics. Learn More
For 80+ use cases the system sends out email notifications to students, tutors and admin. Learn More
Students have an option to book free trial classes. Learn More
Several zoom enhancements added. Learn More
Course completion certificate is live now. Learn More
Admin can now manage ratings and reviews of tutors. Learn More
Auto-recording of class sessions available for student, tutor, and admin. Learn More
Tutors can set 30m and 1h class sessions on their calendars. Learn More
Improved cosmetic and admin options to change texts on the platform. Learn More
Learn about all the new feature releases and bug fixes in v3.0.3 Learn More
Tutors can upload course materials for both 1-1 and group classes Learn More
Tutors can set different pricing for different subjects Learn More
Tutors now have separate calendars for both 1 on 1 free trial and paid classes Learn More
Both students and tutors now have an option to cancel classes and get refund. Learn More
Students can simply re-schedule classes 8 hours before it starts Learn More
Learn about all the new feature releases and bug fixes in v3.0.2 Learn More
To Prevent fraudulent transactions we’ve enabled 3D Stripe Payment Learn More
Both students and tutors can find the “Zoom Link” for scheduled meetings from their accounts. Learn More
Admins can now set custom commission percentages for a select tutor. Learn More
Tutors and admins can set a limit for the number of students who can take part in group classes. Learn More
Now you can change the currency of your eLearning platform with a single click. Learn More

Coming Soon

(Last Updated on Oct.19.2022)

  • 1.Webinar approval processIn Beta
  • 2.Invoice generated in PDF formatIn Beta
  • 3.Stripe automatic refund processIn Beta
  • 4.Notification alerts in the dashboardIn Beta
  • 5.Admin can create generic couponsIn Beta
  • 6.Homepage slider video backgroundsIn Beta
  • 7.Simplified tutor onboarding processIn Beta
  • 8.Redesigning the calendar layoutsIn Beta
  • 9.Android and iOS Apps V1.0In Progress
  • 10.Send and share media files on chat messengerIn Progress
  • 11.Separate reviews for tutors and classesIn Progress
  • 12.Geo location must be based on IPIn Progress
  • 13.Recurring Group classIn Progress
  • 14.JW Player IntegrationIn Progress

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