Pinlearn Feature Upgrade: Here’s What You Need to Know

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New Features & Fixes in Pinlearn V3.0.7

The brand new and better version of Pinlearn is out now with better enhancements in the core features and functionalities! The industry’s best online tutoring marketplace software is now out with the capability to deliver exceptional tutoring experience. 

Pinlearn is just what you need to upgrade and continue growing your edTech business. 

Let’s explore what Pinlearn v3.0.7 holds for you:

Lessonspace Integration

  • The admin can choose between Zoom or Lessonspace, the whiteboard of choice for live classes on the platform. 

Recurring Event

  • Tutors can create recurring events on calendars for 1-1 classes where they can set the time duration and choose the days of the week along with the start date and expiry date. 

Default Time Slots For Appointments

  • Tutors can set their default time from their profile so that the lesson time will be the time set by default. 

Tutor Rescheduling

  • Tutors can successfully reschedule classes with students through the message button on the appointments page. 

Trailer Video for Each Section

  • Students can now preview the trailer video for each section under a specific course. 


  1. The tutor can’t open slots or edit the details of group classes even if one of the students has enrolled in it. This way, all students can go with the same number of slots with the originally estimated price. 
  2. Back-end configurations like SEO, Hello bard, and header and body scripts are provided, which can be used for AdWords conversion tracking, Facebook Pixel, Analytics, Live Chat, and Google Analytics. 
  3. Revised UX changes in the front end and text changes on the backend. 
  4. Revised email templates on the platform. 

Replaced Zoom API with Zoom SDK

  • Zoom API is replaced with Zoom SDK, so both students and tutors don’t need Zoom App to conduct the classes. 
  • The Zoom sessions are hosted in the subdomain, i.e., so that the whiteboard used on the platform remains confidential and is also open to further UI enhancements in the future. 

  • The tutor and student can rejoin the session with newly generated links for Zoom during the session until the completed time. The status ‘completed” is handled based on the computer time + buffer time which is 5 minutes. 

For example, if the class is scheduled for 10 am-11 am, the status of the class turns to “Completed” between 11.05 am and 11.10 am, which is the buffer time. 

Bug fixes

During software development, bugs might slip into the code from time to time. But it is the responsibility of the team to balance between updating the code and fixing bugs-before launch and after, and consistently.  

Let’s see what bug fixes we have included in this version of Pinlearn

  1. The tutor details are now removed from the public API. 
  2. When the admin cancels the group class from the backend, he had to cancel individual slots for the group class instead of canceling at once, which has been fixed now. 
  3. The platform follows the uniform date format dd/mm/yyyy. 
  4. Upcoming slots for group classes are displayed in an orderly fashion now. 
  5. A few mobile UI responsive issues in the platform have been fixed now. 

Try our live demo to experience it yourself! 


New Features & Fixes in Pinlearn V3.0.6

The brand new version of Pinlearn is here, all enhanced with better features and functionalities- Pinlearn V3.0.6 is finally out. The all-in-one tutoring solution you require to deliver an exceptional educational experience. 

We have got everything covered to create an impact in the tutoring industry.

See what’s new in the latest version.

Group class slots bundled together

Instead of displaying separate appointments for each class, the slots of the group class are clustered and bundled together. It can be viewed under appointments and lesson pages for tutors and learners.

The calendar has been synced for live classes

The calendar is in sync with live classes on the platform, for both one-to-one classes and group sessions. 

Deactivate group classes

Group classes can be soft deleted or deactivated by the website owner from the backend. 

Efficient payment refund

The payment refund scenario of the platform works in a particular way that makes sure no refund would be processed when the tutor has zero earnings. 

Payment refunds work in the following two ways:

  • The earnings of the tutor are calculated 3 days after the successful completion of classes. 

For example, if a class is completed at 12 am on 20/02/2022, the total earnings will be visible after 12 am on 23/02/2022. After the earnings are reflected on the page, the tutor can send payout requests for the class. 

  • Students must send a refund request within 3 days for a completed class. They can do it from the “my transactions” page. 


  • The Titles of online courses and group classes are linked as URLs on the transaction page. This helps learners to navigate to respective courses and group classes easily. 
  • Course certificates are rendered from the server now. 
  • “Times are now shown in local time” – This phrase is added to the appointment pages for users to understand that the platform automatically takes the computer time of users. 
  • Error messages are now displayed in the translated language. 
  • The zip code is removed from the payment page as it’s not necessary. 
  • Chart plugin is integrated to display the translated word on the pie chart of the tutor’s payout page. 
  • When the admin selects the country, the respective currency symbol is displayed now. 
  • The admin can reject a tutor without stating the reason for rejection now. 
  • When a tutor creates an online course without content, there will be a validation. 
  • There is an option for tutors to add multiple media files under the same lecture now. 
  • The students can now edit their email id from their user profiles. 
  • A text notification is present on the payout page to remind the site owner  to manually update the status of payout requests once the money is transferred to tutors. 
  • Group class now shows the earliest available date so that the students can plan their appointments. 
  • URL is restructured for online courses and group classes. 
  • When the payout value is zero, there is now a validation that the value is empty to generate the pie chart. 
  • The drop down static page field is changed to the input field in the post manager page.
  • The status column is added to the “My courses” page, where students can view the percentage of completion. 
  • Sign up email structure is enhanced so that it is easy for tutors to follow the next steps easily. 
  • Chat messages are sorted now to display recent chats in the first order. 
  • The status of the tutor ( Approved, rejected, or pending) is displayed on the tutor listing page for the admin to identify.
  • Sign up email input field is not case sensitive now. 
  • Now the eLearning platform accepts alphanumeric zip codes. 
  • When the admin cancels the live class appointment from the backend, a notification is sent to the tutor and students get their refund for the canceled class. 
  • Text revisions have been made to some of the validation messages  and few changes on design level for better UX experience. 

Bug Fixes

  • Loading responsive issues are fixed now on the user appointment page. 
  • The documents uploaded by tutors after signing up on the platform experienced slow loading for admin. This issue is fixed now and is responsive.
  • Category filter on the courses page was not working properly, which is fixed now. 
  • On the details page of 1-1 class, the category and topic name was missing , which is fixed now.
  • End date was not included in the filter range, which has been fixed now.
  • On Mac Safari OS, the filter by date was not working which is fixed now.
  • In the Admin profile page, the email input field was disabled, which is fixed now.
  • If the resume is updated with an invalid year, there is validation now that prompts the tutor to update the year in the right format. 
  • When the payment got canceled due to invalid details, it was still showing as the status “booked” , which has been fixed now.


New Features & Fixes in Pinlearn V3.0.5

The much-awaited feature rollouts and bug fixes of Pinlearn are right here- Introducing the enhanced Pinlearn V3.0.5. The only all-in-one solution needed for Edutech businesses to revolutionize online education. Perfectly crafted to handle both teaching and learning processes, Pinlearn is a user-friendly and professional virtual classroom software.

Automatically detect Daylight starting/ending based on the user’s time zone

Daylight saving time (DST) is a one-hour clock adjustment observed by some countries, including the U.S and Canada, typically beginning in March and ending in November. To support tutors who take classes for students who live in the place where DST is observed, we have added this feature.

The calendar recognizes the daylight starting /ending day and time according to each time zone and different countries and notify the students in the platform.

For example, if a tutor has scheduled a class at 6.30-7.00 PM, the System recognizes daylight saving time and shows the time for students as 5.30- 6 PM.


Email notification when the tutor is removed from site owners Zoom

If the eLearning platform owner removes a tutor from his zoom, the system will note the activity, and the tutor will not be able to log in there. Instead, the System sends an email to notify the tutor about the event, and he/she can contact the admin to enter the System again.

Bug fixes

Being professionals at heart, we would like to offer the best experiences to our customers using Pinlearn. For the same reason, we constantly work on eliminating bugs to avoid technical glitches. This version of Pinlearn also has some minor fixes and error validations (quite a lot this time, but that just implies a flawless user experience).

  1. The input fields are now validated appropriately while adding bank accounts to the tutors profile in order to request for a payout.
  2. The site balance row is removed in the payout request detail page, as the balance is equal to commissions.
  3. The deactivated category was showing in the front end, which is fixed now.
  4. Pagination issue when there are many languages in the eLearning platform. For instance, if there are more than 15 languages, there was a pagination issue earlier restricting users from choosing the preferred language, which has been fixed now.
  5. When editing the student and tutor profile without a time zone, the system still accepted it. We have fixed that with the validation.
  6. In the request payout manager, details page the site balance was not getting fetched, we have fixed it now.
  7. When attempting to create a new topic, category and grade used to accept negative ordering which is fixed now.
  8. In the backend, when updating the tutor profile, the resumes were uploaded with the negative ordering, which was fixed in this version.
  9. If two topics were created in the same name and one of the deactivated, both of the topics were still shown in the topic filer in the front end for both online courses and group classes. This issue is fixed now.
  10. The validation for making payment for a one-to-one slot popup message is enhanced.
  11. In Course preview, while approving the course the popup message was shown wrong which is corrected now.
  12. The category column data on the tutor’s group classes page was not fetched when group classes are created, which is fixed now.
  13. On the tutor’s profile page, the completed learners for each tutor were 0, which is fixed and it will display the accurate learners’ list for each tutor now.
  14. In the Payment manager->transaction manager page, the text inside search boxes was not appropriately shown, which we have fixed now.
  15. In the admin backend, the search box of the “list topics page” read “Group Class” instead of “Enter Topic Name. This issue has been fixed.
  16. The tutor manager page lacked the option to filter by tutor’s email id, which has been fixed in this version.
  17. When the admin created the tutor’s page, there was no validation which has been fixed in this version.
  18. When creating a bank account on the tutor’s payout page, there was no validation of characters for all the fields, which has been corrected now.
  19. The stats button in the payout page of the tutor is fixed now, which works and fetches the results for selected dates.
  20. When deleting the title of the admin post manager page, wrong validation is shown which is fixed now.
  21. Even when the group classes were successfully completed, the total earnings were not reflected in the tutor’s payout page which is corrected now.
  22. When the payment transaction gets canceled due to technical issues, it used to show class as booked (Even though the payment manager shows the payment is not completed). So we have fixed this issue now.
  23. The change of logo for the platform now gets reflected in the course completion certificate.
  24. There was no validation in the general configuration page when the whole number was given for commission, which is now fixed.
  25. The filter by date is removed for courses, as courses are based on only the created date and are not scheduled from time to time like group classes.
  26. The category of the courses was not previously displayed on the course detail page, which is fixed now.
  27. Previously, the admin was not able to reject a course without filling in the reason for rejection. We have fixed this issue.


New Features & Enhancements in Pinlearn V3.0.4

Pinlearn V.3.0.4 is officially rolled out; it is all that you as an eLearning business need to innovate education. Designed to manage all teaching and learning processes and save time for the creative outburst, Pinlearn is the ultimate solution covering all your needs. 

Detect Time when tutor starts the meeting 

Class scheduling is an important feature that allows you to arrange classes automatically and seamlessly ensure that your business management runs smoothly. But what if the Tutor starts a class at the wrong time by mistake? Don’t worry; the new update has got this covered. The tutor will be blocked or warned if he/she starts the meeting at the wrong time. The Tutor can start 10 minutes in advance for the students to prepare.

Zoom-Handle if the Tutor leaves in the middle of the session

An emergency can strike at any moment, especially in this situation where most tutors are working from their homes. We understand this and thought about the scenario where the Tutor has to leave the meeting in the middle of the session due to any technical or personal issue. In such a situation, students would be moved to the waiting room instead of abruptly ending the session. The Tutor can resume the meeting when he is ready. 

Trigger email notification by tracking host did not start zoom class

Tutors not showing up to the online class is a big turn-off to students and can cause them to abandon the class. This can affect the reputation of your eLearning business adversely if not addressed. To tackle this, we have included the feature of triggering email notifications if the host doesn’t start the zoom class on time. Emails will be sent to both Tutor and admin if the Tutor doesn’t begin the class on the fixed appointment time. 

Here is how the email for the tutor looks like. 

And this is how the email notification for the admin would look like. 

Unify the subjects, categories and topics and grades together

Organizing the classes based on categories, subject, topic, etc., can help students understand the classification easily. We have unified the subjects, categories, topics, and grades together for 1-1 classes, group classes, and online courses.   

Active/Inactive for filters

Activating or inactivating filters is a great way to ensure the data would not be corrupted. You can either activate or inactivate the filters like subject, categories, topics, and grade so that the data will still be there. In this case, if a student booked a tutor with category A => subject B => topic C, but then the admin deletes any one of the three filters above before the appointment starts, it will cause an error. To avoid this, we have integrated the particular activate/inactive feature.   

Limit trial classes per student from the backend

People might want to try things before they buy. Most people would be hesitant to pay for anything that they haven’t seen or experienced in person. Online classes are no different. For the same reasons, it’s a smart idea to offer trial classes for your students. However, you might not want a student to take a couple of trial classes. We have heard you, V.3.0.4 contains the feature of limiting the number of trial classes per student from the backend. Here is how you can do it.

Course completion certificate

A completion certificate is proof of completing courses and makes the resume attractive to recruiters, which is definitely advantageous for students. Offering course completion certificates shows that you care about your students and their performance. Hence, we have added this feature to our new versions. Once the student successfully completes the entire course, he/she will be provided with a course completion certificate. 

Managing the ratings and reviews

The update will allow the admin to manage ratings and reviews of tutors easily from the backend. 

Option to edit the password for the users

Passwords serve as the first line of defense against unauthorized access to your profile. The stronger your password is, the more protected you are. You must keep on changing your passwords to strengthen your defense. Hence, we have included the option to edit the password for both tutor and student from the frontend. 

Purchase tag for already bought courses

Once a learner has bought a course or webinar, it will show validation that it has already been purchased so that the user won’t make the mistake of buying it again.  

Auto-recorded sessions for both tutors and admin

Recording lectures is suitable for students as they can easily come back and brush up on the concept whenever needed. But recording classless is super advantageous for tutors as well. They can use it to review their teaching style, present it to students who missed a particular class, etc. We understood the importance of this and have integrated an auto-recording feature for both tutors and admin against each completed appointment.

Enhancements in V3.0.4

Language settings

The previous version of Pinlearn lacked the option to upload a JSON file from the admin backend for creating a Language. We have added it to this version.

File upload size expansion

The maximum file upload size of the base product is expanded to 1 GB. 

YouTube video upload for How it works page

The “How it works” page lacked the option of uploading an explanatory YouTube video which has been added now. The option is provided in the admin backend to configure settings and edit to add the ID of YouTube. 

Finding version number admin

The admin backend should have the build or version number which it lacked earlier. Now when the old client comes back to the platform to update the version, the admin backend can identify the version that they have installed.

Tutors can offer slots for 30mins and 1hour classes

Earlier students were only able to book classes of 1-hour duration. Now we have added 30 mint classes as well. SO now, tutors can open slots for both 30 minutes and 1 hour.

Email Template Restructuring

Email template has been restructured and enhanced for all email notifications in the platform now.

High-quality pic

Whenever an image is uploaded to the platform, it will be framed as an HQ picture. 

Booking Free trial class

Suppose if the student cancels the free trial class, there is an option to book a free trial class again with the tutor. Since there is no refund involved for the free trial class, once the student cancels, he/ she should have an option to register with the same tutor for free.

Text change from the admin backend

Now from the admin backend texts can be changed for the following areas such as 

            1.Footer text can be translated with static words.

            2.Signup page

            3.Login page text

            4.Home page – how it works

            5.Teach with us page

Search group classes by name

We have added the functionality to search group class with the name of the group class, and filter by Tutor’s name and category.

Displaying 4 tutors per row

Cosmetic change in displaying 4 tutors per row on the home page for “choose tutors” page

Sign up page edit

The signup page image is editable now as shown below.

Default YouTube ID

When the tutor does not upload a YouTube id upon sign up, a default placeholder YouTube id is placed in that input field as shown below. 

On/off for email notifications

The notification icon, when turned on /off, will enable/disable the email notifications respectively.

Bug Fixes

Our priority is to offer you the flawless user experience possible with our software. Bugs create difficulties in the user experience, and we cannot allow that. That is why we constantly work on eliminating software errors, both minor and major ones.

Major fixes

We have classified the bugs we found into major and minors fixed. Here is the list of the major bug fixes we have performed. 

  • Stripe Decimal issue: The software did not consider the decimal values of the currency and charged users the whole number value for decimal points, which has been fixed now. 
  • Zoom User listing issue: When two users who have enrolled as tutors in the platform joined the zoom session, it showed the same name for both tutors, which has been fixed now.
  • Ratings and reviews given by the Tutor: The ratings and reviews of the student given by one Tutor were not showing up for the other tutors; now it’s fixed.  

  • API authentication : The API should use authentication, which was not the case in the earlier version. Initially, API used to accept requests from anyone who sends requests, which has been fixed now. 
  • API Project (Backend) issue: API Project (Backend) was not accepting or Connecting if Secured or Remote MongoDB URL is provided. ENV file as Database Connection. It was accepting only Localhost Connection without Authentication; now this is fixed!
  • Newly added courses listing : The newly added courses or group classes for respective tutors weren’t listed when the student searched from the find tutor section. We have fixed the issue in this version. 

  • Issues related to group classes created from the backend: When a group class was created from the backend, it was not showing up for students and tutors, and also, the calendar slot booked by admin from his calendar was not present; it’s been fixed now.

 Minor Fixes:

Now, let’s look at the list of minor bug fixes. 

  • Actual price was not showing up on the course transaction page for the tutor, which has been fixed now.

  • Toggle on /off favorite button(heart icon) in the find tutors page has been fixed now.

  • Change of gibberish text under offline tutoring. Initially, there was gibberish text under offline tutoring in the platform, but now it has been changed.
  • Spacing issue in user profile. When a user tries to edit the information in the user profile, there is a spacing issue. When there is one space given, after saving the description, it reflects with more than 2 spaces, which has been fixed now.
  • The ? icon linking the is removed from the base product.
  • The doc files uploaded by tutors were automatically downloaded when viewed, now it’s fixed and the admin can view them without downloading.   

So that’s what Pinlearn V3.0.4 is all about; it has got all the features you need to educate and revolutionize online learning.  It’s time to build something awesome for your educational business. What are you waiting for, try our live demo and get the hang of how easier it is to teach online.


New Features & Enhancements in Pinlearn V3.0.3

When we started Pinlearn, we were determined about giving the best online tutoring and learning experience for tutors and students. And version 3.0.3 is a step closer to that! 

Here’s what we have done with the latest release! We’ll start with tutor enhancements!

Note: We’ve come up with video tutorials for certain features to help you get a better understanding

Tutoring Platform Enhancements

  1. Self Introduction Video Upload

A tutor’s profile with a self-introduction video stands out from the crowd and draws more eyeballs. With this version upgrade, we’ve made this process a piece of cake!

Tutors who are new to the platform and are registering for the first time can upload their intro videos in the login portal itself – helps save time and gives their profile a finished look right from the beginning. 

Tutors can upload videos both from their local storage or from YouTube. Supports video formats like Mp4, 3GP, WVM and more.

  1. Tutor Feedback Feature

Tutors can give feedback about the students once the session is over. They can comment and give star ratings to the students – helps build the student-tutor relationship.

  1. Add Course Materials for Both 1-1 and Group Class

With this version onboard, tutors can upload course materials for both 1-1 and group classes from his/her appointments page – students get more knowledge from the tutor end. 

  1. Different Pricing for Different Subjects

Not all subjects require the same effort to teach. Some might take extraordinary efforts and tutors would want the option to set a higher price for that subject. And with this version, tutors are getting that! 

Tutors can simply head to their dashboard and manually change the pricing of the subject they want to!

  1. Share Profile Via Social Media

Tutors can share their online tutoring profile via popular social platforms – helps drive traffic and conversions. 

  1. Separate Calendar for 1-1 Free Trial & Paid Class

In order for tutors not to confuse with the free trial classes and paid classes, we’ve come up with a separate calendar for them. You can take a look at the video to know more about this!

  1. Grading Option for Tutors

Tutors can now assign grades for the subjects they handle – helps students understand and make decisions.

That’s pretty much it for the tutoring platform. Let’s look at how we’ve made Pinlearn better for students. 

Student Platform Enhancements

  1. Cancellation & Refund

If a student is not able to attend a pre-scheduled class, they can simply cancel and get a refund. But this should be done 24 hours before the class commences. Tutors can also cancel classes 24 hours before it starts. When a tutor does this, it’ll be automatically notified to the students and vice versa. 

You can know more about this in this video here! 

  1. Reschedule Classes

It doesn’t have to be a cancellation and refund always. Students can simply re-schedule classes 8 hours before it starts. As of now, students can only reschedule their 1-1 classes. The group class reschedule option will be available in the upcoming versions. 

      3. Avoid Multiple Slot Booking

When a student has already booked an appointment for a particular time slot, he/she cannot book another class in the same slot. They’ll get a notification from the platform saying that an existing class is overlapping with the same. This prevents students from booking multiple classes for the same time slot.

     4. Upload Assignments for 1-1 Classes

Just like the tutor, students can also upload materials for 1-1 class – useful when tutors assign homework or assignments. For a better understanding, you can take a look at the video under the third feature from the tutoring platform enhancements division.

     5. Share Tutor Profiles

Students can also share profiles of tutors on popular social platforms if they want to – just in case a friend of the student wants to enroll and they ask for details! 

Admin Dashboard Enhancements

Version 3.0.3 has quite a few enhancements under the sleeve for admins. Admins can now update the tutor’s time zone, view PDFs uploaded by tutors, view the total number of listings on pages like classes, appointments, tutors etc., Also, significant enhancements were made to the platform’s multi-language feature.

Bug Fixes

There weren’t a lot of bugs! But we did find a few and fix them.

  • Earlier the user was able to gift courses to him/herself. This issue has now been fixed. 
  • The vertical and horizontal sliding bar in the admin dashboard was hiding page text earlier. The same has been fixed.
  •  Course introduction video (vertical) when uploaded was not fitting to a specific frame and used to play all over. This issue has been fixed now. 
  • The calendar slots on Mac devices were stretching all over but it has been fixed now. 

There are a few other miscellaneous enhancements like renaming “Book Courses” to “Buy Courses”, displaying the tutor’s subject name on the admin dashboard and more. 

That’s it for version 3.0.3! We’ll keep you posted on future enhancements as well! 


New Features & Enhancements in Pinlearn V3.0.2

While you were away, we’ve come up with an upgraded version of Pinlearn and we call it v3.0.2🔥. It’s power-packed, more robust and is probably going to help you in every possible way to scale your eLearning business!

So, let’s take a look at what this version update means to you and your eLearning business (and for us as well)!

We’ll be taking a look at the top 10 features we’ve shipped in this new version. The screenshots attached can help you understand the features better. 

  1. New Revenue Statistics Tab in the Admin Page

Knowing how much you make out of your eLearning platform is a key factor to help you device new strategies or plans. We’ve just made this task easy for you by adding a new earning statistics tab on the admin page. 

You’ll now be able to take a look at the

  • Tutor’s name along with their email address and their payout request 
  • Commission percentage you’ve set for the particular tutor
  • Split, detailed earnings the admin will be getting after the tutor’s earnings

The tutor search bar and the filter options make it easy for you to find specific tutors. 

  1. 3D Stripe Payment for Secure Transactions

Secure transactions are important when it comes to running businesses. Which is why we’ve enabled 3D Stripe Payment in this version. The user will be redirected to an authentication page on their banking website. This helps prevent fraudulent transactions to a great extent.

  1. Terms & Conditions Checkbox

Including a “Terms & Conditions” checkbox was one of the major rollouts in this version. You get to ask your visitors to accept the T&C of your business before they sign up for the same!

  1. “Remember Me” Option On User Login Page

User experience starts from the moment they try to sign up for your product/service. We thought this over and included a “Remember Me” option on the sign-in/login page so that your user doesn’t have to enter his/her credentials every time they login.

  1. Multi Currency Feature

USD is not the only currency business happens in! Now you can change the currency of your eLearning platform with a single click. And it gets reflected on the entire platform including the admin, the user page and in the email notifications. 

You can find this option under the “Config” tab in the admin dashboard. 

  1. Free Group Classes

Earlier, both tutors and admins only had the option to conduct paid group classes. This restricted them from conducting a free group class which would have helped them attract more students. 

In this version upgrade, we’ve come up with the option where free group classes can be created by both the admin and the user.

Here’s an image where a paid group class is being created. And there’s the free option available adjacent to it! 

  1. Extensive Tutor Filtering Options

Students can now find relevant tutors with ease, thanks to the advanced filtering options. Apart from the basic filtering options, we’ve added additional options where students can filter tutors based on their country and zip code. This can help break down language barriers with ease!

  1. Display Remaining Slot Availability for Group Classes

Tutors and admins can set a limit for the number of students who can take part in group classes. When students start to enroll for the class, the available slot number automatically decreases. This promotes FOMO and students will show more interest to take part in classes. 

  1. Zoom Link Against Appointments

Both students and tutors can find the “Zoom Link” for scheduled meetings from their accounts. 

For students, it’ll be displayed under the “My Lessons Page” whereas, for tutors, it’ll be displayed under the “Appointments Page”.

This helps both students & tutors get a clean user experience and save time as well! 

  1. Separate Commission Percentage for Tutors

Admins can now set custom commission percentages for a select tutor. Simply head to the admin dashboard, select a tutor and you’ll find the “Commission Rate” field box where you have to enter the percentage. 

The default commission rate you set will reflect for all tutors. This option comes in handy only when you want to set commission rates for specific tutors. 

Bugs & Fixes

The new features weren’t the only thing we were concerned about! In this version release, we also took care of a couple of major bugs the previous version had. And some of them are being listed below, 

  1. Expired Course/Webinar Display

Courses and webinars that were deleted from the admin end were still displayed on the front-end user page. This issue has now been resolved.

  1. Emailer Logo Fix 

Earlier, when an admin changed the logo in the backend, the same wasn’t getting reflected on emails. This issue has now been fixed. 

  1. Guest User to Resume Journey After Login

Guest users can continue their journey on your website where they left after signing up. This wasn’t available before! 

Also, here are the details of a few other minor fixes we did, 

  • A separate column has been added to display the name of the tutor who has posted the webinar/group class under the admin panel.
  • The payment page title initially read “Stock Payment Solution”. The same has now been changed to “Make your payment for the webinar name/course name with (tutor name).
  • Under the admin section, the name “user” has been changed to “students”. 
  • The name “Webinar” has been renamed to “Group Classes”.
  • Header tag has been added (“X-Robots-Tag: noindex”, true) to disable the search engine from indexing your demo site. When done building the site, you can change this and allow the search engine to crawl your site.
  • When the user is availing a 100% discount, the check box that mentions “Free” is disabled now in order to avoid confusion. 
  • Earlier, even when a user uses a 100% coupon code, he/she was redirected to the payments page asking for the specific amount. This issue has been fixed now. 

So, that’s pretty much what Pinlearn v3.0.2 is about! While we’ve planned for more exciting features down the lane, why don’t you try our live demo and experience how it works!