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Companies spend millions of dollars to train new and existing employees spread across different office locations on the planet. Save your millions, train employees, measure results, and drive productivity with Pinlearn’s online training software for companies.
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What makes Online Training Platforms for Companies Great?

Even after spending millions in corporate training, companies often fail to get desired results, as traditional training sessions seem unengaging and boring. Trainers can’t focus on customized training for every employee in a traditional setup. That’s where moving your employee training program online can help you. You can overcome multiple challenges, offer more organized and customized training programs, and yet save millions of dollars with added increase in the productivity.
  • Smooth Transition : You need not make extra efforts to go online with your
    employee training program. You have already been training your employees
    traditionally, now you can now also train them online.
  • Safety & Accessibility : It’s easier and safer for your company to train your
    employees virtually, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Pinlearn can let
    you train your employees with both live sessions, and self-paced courses.
  • Just-in-time assistance : With 24x& access to learning resources, your staff can
    overcome their daily task challenges by simply referring to the courses,
    discussion boards, and the knowledge base anytime.
  • Low-Cost Services : It’s easier to update your digital training modules
    from time to time as per new training requirements. Your company would be
    able to respond to new changes more efficiently and quickly.
  • Add New Training Demands : The personal trainer software can make training videos
    available 24×7 to your clients. It would allow your live lessons to make it to the
    trainees in recorded form at their own time.
  • Scalability & Reuse : You can prepare once and reuse the common training
    modules in training programs of employees from different departments,
    branches, cities, countries and time zones.
  • Beyond Physical Limits : You can have one central employee training platform,
    which your employees from different locations can access. Save extra cost that
    goes in arranging training sessions across different locations of your offices.

What make online training platforms for companies?

Custom Training Programs

Pinlearn online training software for companies allows you to prepare custom training programs for your employees. You can use live 1-on-1 training, live group training, ready-made courses, or all of them.

Recorded Sessions

You can record and save live sessions to make them available 24x7. Employees can download recorded sessions or stream online at
any time. Manage this entire workflow automatically without intervention.

Live Group Training

Pinlearn’s group training allows you to host live 1-to-many webinars to train multiple employees together. You can minimize the cost of training by training your staff on common aspects together.

Multiple Trainers

You add multiple trainer profiles on your employee training platform. Both trainers and employees get dedicated dashboards for managing live classes, recorded videos, self-paced courses, assessment, and grades.

Need an Online Training Platform for your Employees?

Check out Pinlearn and let us know if it fits your corporate training requirements. Pinlearn allows both admin and trainers to create and share training courses.
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