Pinlearn’s Simple and Flexible Learning Management System.

Pinlearn is an all-rounder, which lets you not only sell online courses but also manage learning, teaching, assessments, and certification using its integrated learning management system.

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Pinlearn’s LMS features

Cutting-edge features for an all-round teaching and learning management in both on-demand courses and instructor-led live classes. One solution for all your Ed-tech needs.

Discussion Boards

Build a community of online learners with discussion boards making it immersive to collaborate and clear doubts with other users on the platform.


Option to add pre-requisites in the courses that ask a student to finish a previous lesson in order to unlock the next one.


One of the best LMS software with a powerful survey creator to let you launch interactive online surveys in minutes.


LMS Software allows tutors to add quizzes and MCQs in their courses to assess the learning progress in an interactive manner.

Assignments with grading

Give assignments to the students, assess and share their performance using an integrated grading system in the LMS software.

Course points & Gamification

Make learning fun and increase learner-engagement by gamifying your courses
with achievements, points, and badges based on participation.

Drip feed content

Enrol students for long-term courses and drip feed learning resources according to a schedule managed by learning management software.

Mock tests creation.

Create mock tests for the students to let them train and get accustomed before appearing the actual tests.

Certificates and Badges

Offer badges and certificates to your learners as per their participation and assessments of the learning management system.

E-Learning Marketplace with LMS Software

Pinlearn will soon come with a full-fledged Learning Management System to let you not just sell online courses but also manage learning of your students on the platform. notification APIs etc. covered for you.
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