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With Pinlearn, conduct sales rep training and sales management training of your onboarding and existing team members. Build and deliver sales training programs to improve the bottom line and bet enhanced productivity.
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Why you need on Online Sales Training Platform?

Gone are the days of classroom training being your only option. Today, with eLearning you can enhance both online and offline training of your sales teams using the correct resources.
  • Quick deployment : Online training programs can be created and delivered
    much quickly. Thus, reducing the overall turnaround time of training and
    deploying your team members on the projects.
  • Easy Integrations : An online sales training platform can be integrated with
    essential sales and business process tools like Salesforce, and offer an
    immersive learning experience on actual business aspects to your sales team.
  • No disruptions : When teams are trained digitally, they retain a 24×7 access to
    the learning resources. Thus, imparting a freedom to self-learn at any time
    without depending on classrooms to learn.
  • Least Intervention : You can almost automate the entire sales training
    programs with the right software solution by your side, right from delivery to
    tracking, assessments, and grading of courses with no manual intervention.

What makes Pinlearn a perfect Sales Training Software?

Powerful course authoring

Create and share learning resources in all popular formats such as audio, video, video conferencing, PDF, HTML etc. Organize resources into different courses, lectures and sections.

Comprehensive reporting

Detailed learning analytics and course progress tracking makes it easy for the managers and trainers to deliver personalized courses for immersive learning experience to individual trainees.

API integrations

Supports popular training tool APIs out of the box. You can also integrate any third-party tool, as the software is 100% customizable with open source-code access available to you.

Rich communication

Integrated multi-channel communications tools to make learning and training engaging via instant messaging tools, email, and discussion boards for collaborations and building community of learners.

Building an Online Sales Training Platform?

Do test Pinlearn to discover an apt solution for corporate sales training in any industry.
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