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With Pinlearn, train your new and existing team members smoothly and consistently. Build and deliver IT and software training courses across different teams and branches from a central IT training platform.
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Why you need an IT Training management Software?

Software and IT companies are generally large enterprises with teams spread across different geo-locations. Being a volatile industry, companies need to train their teams consistently to keep up with the advancing technologies.
  • Scalability : The same training programs can be scaled across different teams
    and branches with reusability of digital IT training assets and resources.
  • Reusability : Unlike classrooms, trainers need not repeat the programs when
    they can create learning resources once and use repeatedly.
  • Quick Turnaround : Digital training programs can be commenced and
    completed in a comparatively much lesser time that classroom programs.
  • Provides tools : Most of the tools and learning resources in IT training are
    digital. Hence, IT training is better feasible in digital medium by nature.

What makes Pinlearn a perfect IT Training software?

Robust access control

Pinlearn retains a robust access control system with respective dashboards and strategically designed designated features for trainers, managers, and learners.

Multiple resources

Pinlearn supports training in multiple course models with multi-format learning resources such as multimedia uploads, live classes, recorded lectures, group webinars, discussion boards etc.

Multi-lingual training

Pinlearn allows companies to create and deliver IT training programs across their branches in different regions in multiple languages from a central IT training platform.

100% customizable

Companies can purchase Pinlearn with open source-code access. Thus, making it fully customizable, self-hosted, and free from any kind of recurring fee. Purchase once, and use it for lifetime.

Building an IT Training Platform?

Pinlearn is an apt solution for not just IT companies, but also to the companies that provide IT training independently as a business. Open an IT training school today.
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