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Be it compliance, onboarding, or keeping your workforce up-to-date with latest healthcare practices, you need not spend millions in training your staff. A simple LMS for healthcare establishments to deliver tailored courses.
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What makes LMS for Healthcare a Good Choice?

Medical professionals need to continually refresh their knowledge. It’s a profession where best-practices and norms change within a span of few months. In traditional setups, it’s not easy for healthcare establishment to train their employees this quickly. That’s where moving your healthcare training program to online can come handy. You can overcome multiple challenges, create revalidation courses, build an online knowledge base, host webinars, and offer custom training programs to each new and existing staff without any hassle.
  • Scalability : Online version of your healthcare training can extend your
    programs to thousands of learners and medical professionals.
  • Self-Paced Learning : 24×7 access to the learning materials and knowledgebase
    makes it easy for employees to learn at their own pace.
  • Versatility : You can include live classes, group webinars, and ready-made
    learning materials in your courses to them versatile.
  • Quick Update : Online training makes add-on modules or updating learning
    materials quick so as to respond to the new practices from time to time.
  • Reuse : You can prepare your training materials once and share them with all
    your employees from different branches with click of a button.
  • Beyond Limits : One central healthcare training platform without any physical
    constraint for staff spread across different geo-locations.

What Make LMS for Healthcare Great?

Custom Programs

Pinlearn’s LMS for healthcare establishments lets you prepare customized training programs for individual employees and group of employees.

Recorded Sessions

Learners can stream recorded private and group live sessions 24x7. Employees can download the recorded sessions.

Live Training

You can also train your healthcare professionals in live 1-on-1 sessions and group webinars sessions with multiple employees together.


Pinlearn supports multiple language translations. It is easy to make your training platform available to your employees in different regions.

Looking for an LMS for Healthcare?

Check out Pinlearn and let us know if it fits your healthcare learning needs. Train your employees in dozens of specialties without expensive classroom sessions.
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