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Pinlearn offers everything schools need for delivering quality online learning to students beyond classroom sessions. Support courses, live group classes, and 1-on-1 video conferencing. Get Pinlearn Now
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Why you need on Online School Software?

No doubt, classrooms are important for students, but complementing classroom sessions with an online version of your school will only improve learning. It’s 21 st century, an era of eLearning. Virtual classes will not improve your curriculum with blended learning, but it will also make teaching easier trough digital assets.
  • Quick adoption : Schools need not go any extra mile to accommodate an
    online version of their establishment. They already have students, teachers,
    and curriculums, which can simply be extended online.
  • Easy Evaluations : It’s easier to conduct online assessments and track learning
    progress digitally. Teachers can discover about custom learning requirements
    of individual students by simply using an LMS.
  • Beyond Classrooms : Digital learning resources such as recorded lectures,
    explainer videos, virtual field trips, etc. can be made available to the students
    24×7, so they don’t have to depend on classrooms alone to learn.
  • Automate Processes : Schools can automate repetitive tasks and
    responsibilities that require manual intervention. It reduces unnecessary
    workload from the teachers and they can focus on more meaningful aspects.

What makes Pinlearn a perfect online school software?

Learning resources

Teachers can upload and share learning material in multiple formats like audio, video, PDF, HTML etc., and organize them into meaningful subjects, chapters, lectures and sections.

Live learning

Teachers can also conduct live video classes in group or 1-on-1 using integrated Zoom meeting tool and interactive whiteboard software. Pinlearn also supports integration of third-party APIs on demand.

Easy collaboration:

Integrated discussion board for students and teachers to collaborate, discuss, and clear doubts in a self-paced mode. Students can ask questions and other students or teachers can respond at any time.

Direct Communications

Pinlearn is Integrated with instant communication channels via direct messaging and emails to let students and teachers connect in real-time for collaborations and clearing doubts.

Building an Online Version of Your School?

You should check Pinlearn. It’s perfect for building virtual classrooms and even self-paced online courses for your students.
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