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Take your employee training program to the next level with employee training management software and build a productive workforce in even lesser investment. Create and deliver employee training courses across your branches with one central solution.
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Why you need an online employee training platform?

Be an MNC or a local setup, every business trains its staff on multiple aspects:
pre-employment training, compliance training, onboarding training, and skill-enhancement lifelong training, to name a few.
  • Automated process : An online employee training platform upgrades your
    traditionally complex and more expensive classroom programs into digital and
    automated curriculums. Trainers can automate repeated tasks such as
    attendance, grading, assessments, and assignments.
  • Saves time : An employee training management software helps you to
    minimize the time spent on repetitive tasks, classrooms setups, course
    delivery, travel, etc. Companies can get rid of physical disruptions and acquire
    a faster throughput from a typical training program.
  • Simplifies course creation : Trainers can use digital methods to prepare
    learning materials and create online courses. This simplifies the workflow of
    course authoring and allows trainers to not only create courses easily but also
    update them as required from time to time.
  • Reduces training cost : With a digital employee training platform, companies need not hire too many trainers, or bear the cost of classroom setups, stationeries, travel, and venue. The digital delivery mechanism lets you create courses once and deliver repeatedly without any extra cost.

What makes Pinlearn a perfect employee training software?

Powerful course-builder

Pinlearn retains a powerful course-builder that lets you create a course with a complete collection of self-learning materials, multimedia, video lectures, modules, live classes, and group webinars.

Rich communications

Encourages on-platform employee-trainee exchange of ideas and productive discussions with using an integrated instant messaging system and community discussion boards.

Ease of use

A perfect employee training software with dedicated easy-to-use dashboards for tutors as well as learners. Both trainers and employees needn’t be a teach wizard to use the platform for teaching and learning.

Fully customizable

Pinlearn is not only whitelabel but also fully customizable with open source-code access. You can give your employee training platform your unique brand identity without any hassle.

Building an Employee Training Platform?

Check Pinlearn and let us know if it fits your employee training requirements. We can also customize Pinlearn as per your unique needs.
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