Effective Tutoring Strategies & Techniques to Implement

One quality that defines the best educator is the willingness to try new tutoring strategies. Yes, you heard it right! Academic qualification, knowledge, expertise, everything comes after this. A successful tutor renews himself or herself as a professional to offer students with the highest quality of education possible. That includes embracing modern technology to make teaching simple, yet highly engaging and effective. 

Tutoring strategies you need to follow to run a successful tutoring business

Make learning goal-oriented

If you set defined goals with your learners at the beginning of each lesson, the entire class will better understand its accomplishments, individually and collectively. Make strong statements about the day’s learning goals to make your classes goal-oriented. 

For example, when you begin the class, start with a statement like “Today you are going to learn the basics of English grammar” and finish the class by saying, “Congratulations, now you are ready to show your parents how to read a given word!”.

This perspective helps students take confidence from their own progress, helping to boost learning outcomes and motivation.

Reassure your students verbally

If you want a student to believe that he is capable, then you have to tell him that you believe in him as his tutor, understand his skills and challenges, and will be there for him. Even in online classes, teachers must do this, and it is one of the powerful tutoring strategies to encourage your students verbally to instill confidence in their capabilities. 

Harness the power of EdTech

Most educators agree educational technology is a useful tutoring tool. According to a study by Joan Ganz Conney Center, around 80% of K-8 classroom tutors said that digital games had improved the mastery of curricular content. 

Invest in an online tutoring marketplace if you have been working for other third-party websites because you get the flexibility of running your own online tutoring business. Use modern tech to simplify online tutoring and makes it easy for students to access your classes and get paid.

Now here is how you can introduce technology to your online classes: 

Online whiteboards

If you want to help your learners visualize key concepts, consider integrating an online whiteboard into your online classes. Whiteboards are great for navigating through concepts together, providing feedback, and facilitating collaboration between learners during online classes. Many online whiteboards, like Zoom, LessponSpace, etc., are available in the market to help you work with your students on subjects like science, language, maths, and more. 

Look for whiteboards that come with interactive features to make your online classes fun and engaging.

Appointment scheduling software

Come on, let’s deal with it. Running an online tutoring business is rewarding, but with it comes the hassles of managing a wide range of tasks all by yourself. Right from setting appointments to scheduling classes and processing payments and invoices, the tasks are endless, especially if your tutoring business is on the right growth track. Once your student base grows, invest in scheduling software to plan your classes in advance. There are tools like Google Calendar, Outlook, and more you can rely on. 

And with Pinlearn, (Yes, that’s us) you can build your own online tutoring platform with a scheduling feature integrated to simplify the task of scheduling your online classes. The perks are it gives an unorganized list of learners and their schedules, and you also get the chance to communicate directly with learners through the embedded messaging system of the software.

Integrating gamification in eLearning

Another strategic tutoring approach is to “gamify” the learning experience. In this way, you are giving your learners more interactive ways to reinforce what you have taught them in previous classes. Consider creating online games that unleash subject facts to reinforce the concepts they have learned in class. 

Leverage social media in tutoring

Social platforms are great tools for educators to engage with learners outside of one-to-one tutoring sessions. It facilitates learning beyond regular class timings, which also supports peer learning and efficient collaboration. Using social media when teaching online is efficient as the teachers aren’t just tutoring one learner; they are teaching multiple learners at once. 

Embedded YouTube videos in your lessons and use them as an opportunity to frame Q&A. The focus must be to use the social platforms your learners are familiar with, encouraging critical thinking skills and independently grasping concepts.

Following the Socratic method

The Socratic method in online tutoring is often called an inquiry method, where the teaching happens on the current level of understanding of a subject of the learner. Questions progress from what the learner knows and progresses towards new ideas that the teacher guides them towards directed questioning.

You can prepare drills, a set of questions with controlled responses and only one correct answer. This is one of the most powerful effective tutoring strategies for a specific subject that needs a lot of practice. 

If you are following this approach and looking for how to structure a tutoring sessions, give your learners sufficient time to find answers to your questions, giving them enough time to think about and formulate their answers which must be encouraged for all students.

Using student feedback and using it positively

One of the powerful tutoring strategies to improve your tutoring sessions is requesting feedback and using it constructively to improve your offerings. Ask your learners to leave feedback on your classes to understand their opinions about your classes. The key point is requesting feedback on board and leveraging it to improve your approach, ultimately helping to achieve successful learning.


When it comes to powerful tutoring methods to help your students learn more effectively, there are several. Whether it’s the integration of modern tech or a specific tutoring strategy, there is something for everyone. 

What do you think is the best strategy amongst what we have discussed here? Let us know by reaching out to us, or do you want to get help building your own online tutoring platform? Whatever your needs are, get in touch with us now, we can help you set up your online tutoring business by spending less time on development and deployment.

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