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Students and parents alike are becoming more comfortable with the idea of getting academic help online, and they aren’t the only ones who see the potential benefits of online tutoring.

If you are looking for personalized instructions tailored to your child, online tutoring can help make sure students receive the attention and direction they need, all from the comfort of their homes.

The new addition to the market of online tutoring platforms is a website that connects professional online tutors with students who seek learning experiences; Dorosona. An exclusive online platform to cater to the needs of students and tutors in the Middle East.

Purpose of the project

Dorosona provides a comprehensive and personalized learning experience with one-to-one private tutoring, online courses, and live group webinars.

Dorosona is built exclusively in Arabic with the right-to-left Arabic language customization.

The team chose Pinlearn as a technology partner to develop an online tutoring marketplace to widen the scope of the learning experience under expert guidance at an affordable cost. 

The online tutoring platform connects students with experts in different subjects; students can choose their preferred mode of learning and learn at their own pace with the ability to access learning resources in the form of instructor-led modes and online courses.


Online tutoring isn’t something new, but in the middle east, getting access to affordable private tutoring is still developing.

Pinlearn started the project with the aim to make education accessible anywhere, anytime for learners at affordable costs.

The responsive online platform allows the students to learn at their own pace without worrying about strict schedules. 

Learners can also opt for private one-to-one tutoring or join group webinars according to their individual needs.


The robust and modern technology of Pinlearn helped the team Dorosona to support real-time classes, self-paced online courses, and live group webinars. Live sessions are powered by a virtual whiteboard where students can engage with tutors to make the learning experience easy and productive.

Arabic right to left language

In most cases, software will automatically adjust the directionality of the text based on the language being used. For example, if you are typing in Arabic and then switch to English, the software will automatically switch the direction of the text so that it reads from left to right.

Translating website content into another language is not always sufficient. For certain countries with complex languages, localization is crucial for effective website translation. It is important to take into account that features non-Latin characters, right-to-left (RTL) orientation, and text expansion when dealing with languages such as Chinese, Arabic, and German. Pinlearn ensured that right to left language is translated and localized appropriately, considering the essential factors.

One-to-one live classes, online courses and webinar

Pinlearn simplifies one-to-one interactions between tutors and students. Students can book live sessions quickly and attend the classes at the scheduled time.

Similarly, students can choose between self-paced online courses and group webinars if they wish to.

Interactive whiteboard tool

Pinlearn provides a real-time classroom environment with its interactive whiteboard tools. The Zoom SDK integrated tool facilitates an immersive live learning experience.

Recording live sessions

We know how important note-taking is during a live session. To make it easier, we have implemented the ability for students to record live sessions and enjoy lifetime access to the recorded lectures.

Project duration: 2 to 3 months

Final product overview:

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