Case Study of ThinkMates | An Online Learning Platform

As you progress through your higher education or career, building upon your existing skill sets becomes important. Over time, these advanced skills will be the reason for you to make more interesting projects at work or better work opportunities. 

The idea behind ThinkMates is exactly this- The team is on a mission to make education and upskilling more accessible for everyone. ThinkMates is an innovative online learning platform for students to upskill themselves to bridge the gap between what students have learned from academics and what hiring organizations expect from their employees. 

Purpose of the project

ThinkMates is an upskilling platform that enables for both students and working professionals to unlock their talents through the training programs arranged by professionals.

The team is passionate about training and has trained hundreds of students for placements and higher studies in the fields of technology and management.

ThinkMates offers online training for students to bridge the multi-disciplinary skill gap for future technologies. Through the CampusMates initiative, they offer online courses on emerging technologies such as AI, IoT & System Design, Automation & Robotics, Data Analytics and Cybersecurity. 

The focus of the team is on upskilling and reskilling students, including fresh graduates, final-year Engineering, Degree, and MBA students, and Industry professionals, and preparing them for career opportunities in the new AI revolution. 

ThinkMates assures practical learning with real-time scenarios, an industry-vetted curriculum, and a multi-disciplinary approach. Additionally, they offer job assistance with our Industry partners and also conduct Corporate training, empowering students as well.”


Pinlearn successfully accomplished ThinkMate’s vision of building an online learning platform that equips pupils with new skills but also guides them in their careers through the training given through guided curriculum-based courses that industry experts vet. 

ThinkMates came up with the idea of building a platform for online training where they supplement training in higher studies in the field of technology and management.

The industry-vetted approach towards teaching and training young professionals not just upskill but also impacts the real world. 

ThinkMates is devoted to create an ecosystem that nurtures the students and guides them in unlocking talent, skills and opportunities at all stages of their careers. 

Students who enrol with ThinkMates are taught, guided, and mentored by industry experience from leading tech organizations.

Here is what Pinlearn helped ThinkMates to implement in their online learning platform. 

  • Mentorship by industry experts.
  • Forward-looking and in-depth course curriculum
  • Job-driven online training.


Pinlearn’s advanced technology has empowered the ThinkMates team to host training courses for students who can enroll according to the syllabus mentioned. Students can enroll in the course by giving their personal details like name, email, and phone number.

Students also receive job assistance from the hiring partners who collaborate with ThinkMates and also conduct corporate training and student empowerment. 


  • UI/UX changes

Pinlearn has customized UI changes like HTML pages, including homepage and course detail pages, and rearranging dashboard icons. 

  • Course enrolment

ThinkMates allows students to enroll in the courses listed on the learning website. In the admin backend, the leads collected from the front end are collected and used for the admission procedure.

  • Add group class feature inside the courses

Admin can add the group class slots inside the courses so that students can identify what section of the course is taught in the group class slot.

Project duration: 2-3 months

Final product overview:

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