Ways to Launch Your Online Course

We live in an age where we’re lucky enough to be surrounded by technologies that can breathe life into our visions overnight. Regardless of your background, industry or interests, a turnkey technology can mobilize your eLearning software in days, leaving you to focus your efforts solely on your content plan. Pinlearn is one such framework. A state-of-the-art educational technology that features an interactive interface, device-agnostic fluidity and an assortment of personalized themes, it lets you create your eLearning software, your way and helps you on answering how to create an online course.

Launch your Online Course

If you’re on your way to releasing an online course, it’s a good idea to draw up a launch plan as you approach D-day to create and sell online courses. A well-crafted plan can help you steer your course to the right audience, create interest in captive circles and onboard quality users. How you choose to unveil your course is up to you, but there are a few marketing ideas for elearning you should consider before zeroing in on a launch strategy for how to create an online course.eLearning Marketing Plan Options for Online Courses

Here are some launch styles to get you started.

Style 1. One-Time Course Launch

A one-time launch is one in which a course is open to learners permanently, from the moment it is launched. This kind of launch is ideal for propelling your course to a mighty universe of potential users. And with no constraints in terms of availability or timeline, users are free to buy a course whenever they want. A one-time launch requires little effort once your course is in the market, holding the potential to grow sales organically. That said, sustaining your marketing efforts is imperative in keeping your course relevant. Webinars, social media, blog posts, influencer-led marketing and thought leadership are crucial tools that you can leverage. If you have multiple courses in your kitty, a one-time course launch may be an ideal route for you, saving you the hassle of rejigging the course offerings on your website over and over again.

Style 2. Cyclical Marketing-Led Course Launches

Cyclical marketing-led course launches are made to look as if a course is being launched over and over, several times a year. In reality, the course has been in the market throughout and is only powered by sturdy launch marketing programmes during these periods. The inspiration behind marketing-led launches stems from the belief that creating a sense of urgency can drive users’ impulses. By letting your audience know that your course is available only during limited windows can spike your sales. While you may think that such campaigns typically entail more effort and energy, the reality is that you can use the same marketing material across campaigns through the year. Of course, it’s not all sunshine and roses. During your launch periods, your workload will inevitably increase. You’ll likely find yourself neck-deep in customer analytics and head-deep in customer queries. However, if you streamline operations, this model can be a great success to create and sell online course.

Tools for Online Course Launches

There are several communication tools that will come in handy when you’re getting ready to launch your eLearning software. Here is a list of media you should prepare to add to your communication roster to help you on how to create and sell online courses.


Clear, concise emails can work as great promotional tools, regardless of the nature of your course. Make sure to spread your emails across two distinct phases: one phase to spread awareness, and one phase to create excitement. In your first phase, consider giving your audience a sneak peak of your course. Share a sliver of your course content with them to draw them into your corner. Your second phase should serve as a bait. Think of launching a time-bound referral programme or offering a freebie to the first fifty users that register.

Blog Posts

A blog can pose as a fantastic canvas for your ideas. As a first step, create an exhaustive list of topics that will capture the interest of your audience and then release a post on each one at regular intervals. You can start your blog roll-out much before the launch of your course in a bid to generate curiosity. Make sure that your topics are closely tethered to your learning content, leading your audience to test your course.

Social Media

Social media can spark conversations across the world in minutes, a power that very few other platforms have. By building a robust social media presence in the days leading up to your launch, you can engage your audience before your course has gone live. This way, by the time your launch rolls around, you would have already garnered a significant digital foothold. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can each be leveraged uniquely to present your ideas in various ways.


According to a study by Nielsen, 64% of marketers expect video to occupy the spotlight in their marketing strategies in the foreseeable future. Not only does video display the ability to dispense information quickly and aesthetically, it is also hosted on virtually every device. This means you can reach a person riding the subway just as well as you can a corporate honcho seated in his cubicle. Videos shared across social media and YouTube can gain serious momentum if you craft your content well to create and sell online courses.

Live Streams

Live streams are excellent ways to keep your audience engaged. Unlike archived or recorded videos, they give your audience a chance to interact with you in real-time. Your launch strategy ought to be peppered generously with live streams. Ask your audience about features they would like to see or topics that they’d like covered. If you have enough time, you can revisit your course and stitch in amendments based on audience feedback. Pinlearn comes equipped with a live streaming feature, so you can toggle between formats effortlessly.


Your course should be underpinned by a technology that can take it farther and higher as it evolves. Pinlearn is tailored for educational entrepreneurs. If you haven’t picked a technology yet, consider Pinlearn!

Your online course deserves to be launched with as much thought as has gone into creating it. Design a launch plan that is aligned to your goals and objectives and represents your brand’s vision. And when you do, keep this guide by your side to create and sell online courses.


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