How To Pre-Sell A Course Before You Create It

Preselling your course is as important as launching an online course or the actual course content. An excellent pre-launch is the best approach to make sure that you are creating a course with a valid audience and what they want and need. 

If you ask yourself how to presell a course, you are at the right place. 

What is preselling an online course?

Preselling courses refers to selling an online course even before it is created, and it’s becoming a new trend among educators or course creators in general. The idea of preselling a course is to sell your course idea to a small percentage of your prospects before you have completed your course content.

This is how you do it- Set up your sales page, add a discount to your online course, and send emails to your client list. 

This helps you receive feedback to revise your online course content so that you can increase the price in the future. 

Before learning how to presell your online course, you must understand why you must presell. 

So here is why:

  • Collect opinions of your prospects about your course, which you can use to enhance your course value. 
  • Make you feel confident your online course will make money. 
  • Allow you to create an online course catered to your audience and ensure that you are selling the best version of it.

How to presell a course- Steps to follow for guaranteed success?

Now that you have an idea about a course pre-sale let’s dive into how to presell your online course.

Observe and learn

While planning your online course, you might have understood the common challenges your target audience faces. When you know exactly what your target audience is struggling with, it becomes easier to create an online course and make sure you are offering the maximum value possible. 

Create eye-catchy headlines

The headline you put for the pre-sale page is really important. It must be captivating enough so that it compels your course page visitors to keep reading about your online course. A good headline must communicate what your online course is about, the value your learners will get from it, and what makes it unique.

Define the course features and value propositions

After adding a catchy headline, you must include a paragraph that convinces them. Explain the benefits of your online course in detail and add details about your lessons that might interest your course buyers. 

Make the description engaging by using highlights and bullet points, and avoid long blocks of text. You can also create an introduction video where you introduce the course to your target audience, which makes it easy for your customers to understand what you are selling.

Add a call to action to collect customer emails

The pre-sales page you create must include a call-to-action (CTA) button to collect your client’s personal details and payment info. You can try offering incentives to your learners; the idea is to offer something to your customers for free and offer a secure, risk-free purchase.

After creating a pre-launch page and having collected emails, it is time to start your email campaign. Send emails to your subscribers frequently where you give out news about your upcoming online course to keep your audience interested. You can create a sense of urgency by sending countdown emails before your course launch date by giving a countdown timer.

Showcase and sell

If you are brainstorming how to presell your online course, create a sales page. Create a sales page and be creative when it comes to designing your sales page. When creating a sales page, consider the following examples.

  • Declare explicitly that it is a pre-launch page

When creating a sales page, let your target audience know that they will have priority and will be receiving drip content first. You can also mention when your online course will go live. 

  • Make the offer apparent

Announce directly that your online course is available at a special price. 

  • Add a countdown timer

Tell your audience how much time they have to make the buying decision to let them know it is time to act soon.

  • Give testimonials

Add testimonials about how good your online course is (previous ones); you can use that until your get online course testimonials.

An author bio is important

Use the author bio section to show that you are an authorized course creator. Your customers would like to know who they are buying from. 

Collect feedback and take action

If how to presell a course is your goal, you can increase the value of your course by gathering feedback and performing relevant action. Here is how you can gather feedback through a pre-sale

Compile feedback: Gather feedback and consider questions that have been asked often. 

Send emails to interested learners: Ask for students’ feedback on what they liked about your online course and what you must change.

Send a survey: Use Google forms to create surveys to gather feedback from your students.

What is the pre-sale if it doesn’t go as planned?

Creating and selling online courses takes consistent effort and hard work. Now that you know how to presell a course let’s consider the worst-case scenario. It could be no customers for your pre-sale or too few students. 

Few customers

If you get only a few signups for your course pre-sale, provide them with the best value possible. You can offer them something more, like free one-to-one training or support. 

This extra interaction will help you directly interact with you, which can lead to more sales. 

No customers at all

If you get no clients, this indicates that there is a serious issue either with your course idea or the marketing aspect. Try interacting with your audience and find out what prevented them from making a purchase of your course.


Now you are all ready to launch a pre-sales of your online course. And by now, you are all ready to create a great online course that your prospects are willing to buy. Now that the pre-sales phase is over, you are all ready to launch your online course and start making money. While transitioning from pre-launch to actual course launch, update your sales page to display the right pricing.

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