How to Start a Training Business?

If you have been thinking of how to start a training business, you are on the right track. The online world has a space for everyone and all types of content. 

Starting a training business online might seem too complicated. But it doesn’t have to be!

You can launch your training business that helps you elaborate your brand story, share your expertise, or even allow you to learn more about a subject with your learners. And you can do it easily if you follow a plan and have the right tool at your fingertips. 

We will show you how to start a training business in easy steps, from choosing your niche to kicking off your first training program or online courses. Let’s do this together!

What is a training business?

A training business is one that provides training or coaching programs and courses for both professional and personal growth. 

Organizations offer training programs to empower their participants with the knowledge and expertise to achieve personal growth and professional success. With the advent of online education, training programs have shifted online where trainers can make a difference and make a good living from the comfort of their homes. 

But what type of training programs can you sell when starting a training business?

Your training programs or courses can teach people knowledge you have acquired as a part of your education, your experience from your job, or by yourself. 

For example, if you are a self-taught computer programmer, your training business can help your target audience do the same. 

Or, if you are in the fitness industry and have learned how to offer fitness training and nutrition plans to people, you can offer training programs to get the same results as you did. Training programs could be employee training, sports training or any coaching.

So why starting a training business? Learners of all ages, businesses, and professionals rely on training businesses to enhance their personal, academic and business productivity. 

Starting a training business online

How to start a training business online? So, what do you need to get started?

Here’s how to build your training business, from having no online course topic idea or client base to selling your training programs.

Start with a training business plan

What’s the first thing you must do when starting a training business? You have to start with a training business plan. It must include finding a training program idea, finding and growing your client base, and crafting your training programs and courses.

Here’s how to start a training business:

  • Brainstorming a training program or course idea.
  • Build your client base as soon as possible so that you can start selling your training programs.
  • Build your training program and online courses. 
  • Price your online course (in the right way).
  • Launch your online course for training programs.

Choose your niche

The first step of starting an online training business is finding a compelling niche for your students to gather around. While you can have expertise to teach or sell online courses, you don’t have to be. The key is to help your audience achieve the results they are looking for. Yes, that’s what they are going to pay you for. 

You can create training programs on anything that you have expertise in. 

Most online training businesses offer training programs that fall into the following three categories.

  • A topic on some subject that you have expertise in. If you have experience that makes you an expert in a specific field, the better.
  • A topic based on your personal experience. You need not be an expert, But you can take inspiration from your story to teach people what you have achieved and how.

You need to learn more about a topic that interests you. You can get trained in that, get certified, and be an expert to train others. There is no reason that you can’t be a guide. Share what you are learning with your training program participants in real time.

Decide your ideal student base

Once you have chosen the niche, you must figure out who exactly you will service. Or, in short, who are your ideal clients? And how you are going to help them transform their personal or professional life.

Where to find your client base? You can search on social media and forums and get client referrals from word of mouth and through webinars and other networking events. 

Find the right platform that helps host training programs

When starting a training business online, you must have essential tools and the right platform to succeed- both now and in the future.

That means you must look for a white-label platform with the following features:

A platform that allows you to create a dynamic online course

Delivering your online training programs will be effective if you can deliver training programs and courses that are engaging and exciting. Think of live teaching sessions, pre-recorded video lessons, PDFs, and more for more extended reference. You need a platform to support it all, and Pinlearn is exactly what you need.

With Pinlearn, course management software trainers can create and sell courses, upload multimedia lesson formats, and set course goals and lectures to create free and paid online training courses and programs.

Features include a detailed and dedicated dashboard with all critical analytics displayed in a graphical interface, assessing the number of students enrolled for free and paid courses, which is made easy. The software also has excellent admin course manager features for admins or website owners to manage uploaded training courses.

A platform that allows you to grow

At some point, you might want to add more training courses. Or you want to add more webinars for your advanced students. Ideally, you will need to find a platform that will scale with you. Pinlearn allows you to add unlimited online training courses and scale your online training business.

A platform comes with essential marketing features

Pinlearn allows you to build an online training platform with features like adding push notifications, dedicated coupon management systems, Mailchimp integration, integrated Google analytics, and more.

Offer ongoing support and resources

 It is important to provide students access to resources that support them once they have finished their training online. This keeps them interested and enthusiastic about the training. 

Here are some examples of ongoing assistance: 

  • Providing additional training materials, reading lists and other related documents.
  • Social media groups and chat rooms allow students to connect and share their experiences with their peers. 
  • Ensure your learners can apply the skills and knowledge acquired in your training to their unique situations.


Starting a training business need not be complicated. Whether you are running online coaching on any subjects or niches, be it fitness classes, training on finance management, or lessons that build toward tangible skills, the best way to succeed is to combine your training programs with a community. 

When you do that, you give your participants more value, and they keep returning. 

And with Pinlearn, you can do both- and it can be surprisingly simple.

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