How to Create Online Education Marketplace Like Udemy?

The pursuit of education is fascinating. We all live in an egalitarian world where systematic and formal education is perceived to yield a tremendous harvest that shall culminate in rich dividends. With the world going digital, online educational courses started gaining more than enough traction. Marketplaces like Udemy and Coursera have leveraged this opportunity. Call it bravado or sheer optimism, they are one among the first few elite movers to launch their own online education marketplaces also known as the elearning marketplace. For all intents and purposes, first movers have a competitive advantage with the udemy clone script. The pertinent question is: Do you want to start your online education marketplace like Udemy? Before answering this question, let me define Learning Management System.

Online Education Markerplace like Udemy

Learning Management System

Learning Management System is also called as Content Management System (CMS). As a matter of fact, Learning Management Systems are web enabled applications that facilitate e-learning programs. In addition, Content Management Systems also facilitate training contents. Some of the well-known examples of LMS are Blackboard and Moodle.

Online Education Marketplaces

To begin with, across the world, online education marketplaces like Udemy, Udacity, edX, and Coursera have bulldozed their competitors into oblivion. The reasons for this are aplenty. Udemy. Udacity and the other popular names have an extensive library of nearly 40000 courses. Each of the courses is taught by an expert instructor. Each and every course is spread over a few modules. For instance, a comprehensive course on ‘Facebook Marketing’ can last for 6 hours. This 6 hour session can be segmented into 6 modules, each pertaining to a duration of 60 minutes (1 hour), and subsequently dealt with in a consistent manner.

Need of the hour

To handle 40000 such courses, bandwidth is the need of the hour. Bandwidth is a measure of actual data transfer through the website at a time. On more than one occasion, several pundits have asserted that Udemy is a cult classic. The way in which Udemy handles tremendous traffic with effortless ease bespeaks its state-of-the-art infrastructure for elearning marketplace. Also, Udemy boasts of seamless interface. Almost every day, courses are updated.

Multi-language Support

The interesting thing about Udemy is that it has a penchant for catering to the requirements of audiences who are English (Both American and British), German (Deutsch), Spanish (Espanol), French (Fancais) and Chinese (Mandarin). In other words, multi-language support is a classic strategy employed by Udemy to gain proximity to power. Sustaining the trust of world-wide audiences is a monumental task. Hence, Udemy has designed its website using bootstrap framework. As a result, Udemy courses can be viewed on any device- PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants), mobile phones, desktops, laptops, phablets etc.

Discounts and Affiliate Marketing

Udemy is known to cultivate discounts as well on udemy clone script. While a few discount offers can be availed by redeeming coupons, some other offers can be availed through affiliate links. Udemy has enough space that lets you start your own blog. Under the tutelage of Udemy admins, registered instructors can leverage a few hacks and indulge in affiliate marketing.

Revenue Model

The revenue model of Udemy is simple yet highly efficient. For every course listed on the marketplace, Udemy takes a percentage. The percentage / commission varies with the number of participants enrolled for that particular course. To ensure higher enrollment, instructors should be in the elite league and find a mention in the customer reviews. Finding a mention in the reviews shall be an occasion to rejoice.

Thus, to create a stunning online marketplace like Udemy, you require a Learning Management turnkey Software that comes with various layouts, themes and completely customizable features. Also, the hosting solution provider should promise round-the-clock technical support. Apart from English language, diverse languages should be supported in elearning marketplace. In other words, multi-language plug-in is a must. As far as the payment options are concerned, popular payment gateways such as PayPal, Alipay, Stripe, Payoneer etc. should be supported.


The answer to the question: How to create an online marketplace like Udemy? is here: Pinlearn. Pinlearn is a smart school Learning Management Software resembling Udemy in many ways. It lets you systematically orchestrate your 40000+ e-learning courses. In addition, it lets you maintain and manage your own certifications. All the recorded videos can be viewed in various resolutions- be it 720p or 1080p or ultra-HD.

Scope of programs and courses

Pinlearn enables instructors to start their own credit-eligible programs. For instance, a few instructors may start their own graduate-level degree programs while others may issue a simple yet a verified valuable certificate. From micro-master’s program to self-paced professional certification courses, everything can be orchestrated in the elearning marketplace. Courses can be tagged at various prices. Some may be free while some may be tagged at premium prices. Some other courses can be tagged at competitive prices with attractive discount offers. If a tutor wishes to give genuine discounts to his repeat customers (students), he / she may genuinely do so on udemy clone script.

Features of Pinlearn

Pinlearn comes with a host of features. A few are enlisted below:

  • Announcement Facility: Thanks to this feature, notification of all the relevant and newly listed courses on the marketplace will be sent to the subscribed users. For instance, if a user is interested in learning programming languages, notifications of commencement of Python, C++, Java etc., shall be sent to him / her.
  • Notes Facility: Users tend to make notes of interesting and important points. Users may pause the video and subsequently make copious notes.
  • Document Facility: More often than not, instructors tend to delegate a few assignments/ quizzes. Students enrolled for the courses should make use of this feature to complete their assignments in a document and submit the same to the instructor. Instructors evaluate and revert with constructive feedback.
  • Forum Facility: Doubts are an integral part of e-learning. To get their queries resolved, users may post their questions in this forum. Peers and registered faculty members may take the necessary initiatives to address the questions.  In a matter of few minutes, faculty members may address all the questions. Sometimes, a few conceptual questions may resurface. To avoid repetition, students are requested to go through the already available questions and explanations.
  • Multi-media Gallery Facility: Some courses on Adobe Photoshop, Design and Development are absolutely challenging and intriguing. Students are therefore recommended to use only licensed images for their project work. All the licensed images are available in this multi-media gallery. Apart from this, a few relevant videos are also made available.
  • Learning Track Facility: This is a feature of monumental proportions. What all topics within a chapter/ unit have been covered, what all topics are yet to be covered etc., can be tracked.
  • Assignment Facility: Sometimes, students tend to forget doing assignments. Sometimes, they overshoot the deadlines. Reminders are thus sent to students to prevent late submissions and absenteeism.
  • Assessment Facility: This is an instructor-centric feature. Instructors check the assessments and reward grades. Depending on the performance, students are either allowed to complete the course or retake the exam. It is left to the discretion of the tutor.

Some other features include:

  • Free resources facility
  • News and Happenings facility
  • References and Bibliography facility
  • Links facility
  • Self-test and Quizzes facility

Bottom Line

If anything, Pinlearn makes online learning and teaching remarkable and answers you on how to create an online course. If you are still indecisive, Pinlearn experts shall help you take an informed decision and put you in correct direction for your udemy clone script. Contact for any queries. Start your online marketplace today. Cheers!

Author: Raghavendra Pokuri

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