How To Start An Astrology Business Online

Everybody is finding ways to understand what’s happening in their lives using their birth charts as a guide. No wonder astrology practices are still trending these days. In several ways, the astrology business is part education and part retail. You are helping to reveal the mystiques of astrology to your customers and also selling products to those who need it. If you are an astrology business that is part of the astrology revolution, this is the time the stars are rightly aligned for you to take your astrology business online.

In this blog, you will learn how to start an astrology business online and follow the right approach to establish your business in the industry successfully. 

Why to start conducting astrology classes online?

It is no secret that astrology has become one of the most significant aspects of spirituality on a global level. The idea of being able to know the life path, the intricate details about the future, finding out the personalities of the people by the alignments of planets and stars is exciting to many. With astrology quickly gaining momentum even in this 21st century, many people are interested in mastering astrology-related skills. 

As the formal education facilities for astrology is limited in many countries, most people look to learn from a mentor and become certified in astrology by taking online classes. That itself makes a great reason for you to start conducting astrology classes online as an astrology teacher. 

Here are some reasons why you must start thinking about how to teach astrology online

People are looking to learn online

There aren’t many colleges that offer astrology classes, and hence students lack the availability of opportunities to pursue their astrological education. Most of the people start looking for online astrology classes taught by practicing astrologers who have the expertise and mathematical skills to create birth charts and are well-versed in the usage of modern astrology software. 

Due to the ease of access and convenience, people are looking to learn astrology online, and that is one of the primary reasons why you must start thinking about how to teach astrology online

To reach a wider audience

While traditional classes are limited to students a class can accommodate, online astrology classes don’t impose any such limitations. 

If you are brainstorming about how to start an astrology business online, you are on the right track. Teaching online allows you to train any number of students and reach a broad audience without worrying about space constraints. The internet gives you the flexibility to reach more students globally and personally interact with them at a deeper level.

To conduct live classes

If you are looking for how to start an astrology business online and connect with students in a real way just like traditional classes, there is nothing more convenient than conducting live classes. The modern technology of today allows you to have access to tools that allow you to take live classes to your students through your own teaching website.  

To build a brand presence as an online astrology teacher

In the digital age we live in, your business needs to have an established online presence as an astrology teacher as it is where your audience is. Having an established presence will help you with tracking and monitoring the activities which will positively impact how your customers perceive your business which will also help to increase sales in the long run. 

According to Google, over 97% of customers use the web search to find their favorite online classes and the services they offer. Hence, if you are an astrology business, establishing a reputed presence in the online market is the best way to cultivate trust among your target audience, making the business more viable and genuine to your customers.

Makes an excellent revenue stream

Establishing an online astrology business is an excellent way to make money with your skills and expertise in astrology. You can make money by charging for individual live classes or by charging for a membership for a class bundle. When you have a consistent student base who continuously register for your online classes, offering membership plans will help you get a recurring revenue stream. 

Additionally, you can also consider offering a professional certificate for a specific fee. Besides charging for your classes, you can also monetize further using eBooks, selling astrological products, affiliate partnerships, etc. 

How to become an astrologer online

Becoming an astrologer isn’t easy, and the level of study differs with each country. If you’re thinking about how to become an astrologer online, you will need to study astrology in-depth, along with creation or birth charts, and specialize in at least one type of astrology practice.

So if you are here to learn how to become an astrologer online, we have compiled the important info briefly. Here’s it:

Choose a relevant niche

Believe it or not, astrology is a broad subject area, and there are different categories, and each comes with unique practice. So here are the popular ones:

  • Vedic Astrology
  • Western astrology
  • Chinese astrology
  • Kabbalistic astrology
  • Sidereal astrology

Get the right qualifications

The qualifications required to become an astrologer online vary from country to country. It isn’t mandatory for astrologers to undergo any formal training. But having a degree in astrology makes it easy to prove your professional commitment to the subject, and it is easier to build trust.

Obtain an astrological certification

If you are looking for how to become an astrologer online, do you need a certificate? No, you don’t. While it isn’t mandatory if you are a new player looking for an opening, getting a certification from a reputed astrological certification body is recommended. Certification is an added advantage, as always, to prove your credibility.

Meet the licensing requirement

If you are looking for how to start an astrology business online and the country where you offer your services requires a license, get yourself registered. But in many parts of the country, astrology doesn’t need any licensing requirements. For example, if you live in the U.S.A, you need not have any qualifications or professional certifications to become an astrologist online. 

But you can do the necessary coursework with organizations like the American Federation of astrologers. Whereas, in countries like the United Kingdom and India, you need to have a license to run an astrology business.

Astrology business ideas

Astrology has seen tremendous growth in recent years and will continue to grow, considering the availability of modern scientific tools and better acceptance among people. If you’re brainstorming about astrology business ideas, here are some proven and effective ways by which you can establish your astrology business.

Offer astrology service

If you are an expert astrologer, you can offer your expertise for a  price per session or charge an hourly fee. You can provide services with like solar reading, couple readings, birth chart reading, birthday readings, and more. 

This way, you play the “consultant” role in offering astrology services to your audience. 

Sell products

You can sell your products digitally. For example, if you specialize in birth chart readings and you sell birthstones, you can establish a business around it. Besides birthstones, you can also sell monthly or yearly horoscopes for different signs in PDFs, which clients can download. 

Selling online courses organized around different topics is also a great option. 

Conduct events

Once you have a loyal audience who constantly tunes in to your services and wants to listen to you, you can conduct online workshops, webinars, classes, and workshops. 

Build astrology consulting marketplace online

Now, coming to the most trending astrology business idea, you can build an online consulting marketplace where you can allow other consult astrologers to join your platform and connect them with the audience. 

If you are looking for how to start an astrology business online and don’t want to follow the conventional path, starting an online astrology consulting marketplace is an excellent choice. You can work around a membership model where your audience contributes a monthly subscription fee in the change of offerings, astrological insights, gifts, and more.

Example: Astroyogi

How to start an astrology business online

Once you have found the perfect astrology business idea, now it is time to take it to the next level.  Setting up an astrology business is a tedious task that requires a lot of planning and preparation to find success in the industry. Growing an astrology business requires adopting many technologies, including offering personalized services to your students. 

Let’s explore the essential steps through which you can gain insights into setting up an astrology business online

Select an astrology type you are an expert with

Taking astrology classes online is a great way for astrology teachers to dive deeper into their niche of expertise. To unleash your skills to their fullest, select an astrology niche you are an expert at and consider delivering classes in the same niche to your students.  

Believe it or not, just like any other industry, astrology is not a “one-size-fits-all” one. There are different types of niches in astrology that comes with its unique practices. For example, when it comes to the type of astrology, the category is quite wide, including Vedic astrology, Western astrology, Chinese astrology, and a combination of all of these, etc. 

You don’t have to master all forms of astrology to start teaching online. Instead, you can be an expert in one form of astrology so that it allows your students to perfect that specific skill alone. Most of the students prefer to choose a specialized astrology master rather than one who knows different types of astrology. 

Build a website for your astrology business

The most essential thing about brainstorming about how to start an astrology business online is planning to build a website for your astrology business. To build your own teaching platform to take astrology classes online, you can follow different development approaches. Two popular methods among those are building your online teaching website from scratch and building it using a white label solution. 

While creating an astrology teaching website from scratch is an effective development approach, it is the most elaborate, time-consuming, and costly method. The second one and the most cost-effective and best alternative approach is to launch your own customized online consulting platforms using a ready-made script. 

These ready-made scripts or consulting software allow you to build your own astrology consultation marketplace with personalized features and functionalities for a reasonable price. You can customize the script according to your business needs, goals, and objectives as you get full access to the source code. These solutions come with live class features that allow you to run successful online astrology classes to take one-one live classes with your students. 

Get a consulting software

If you are looking for professional consulting software to bring life to your astrology business idea, Pinlearn is the solution that you are looking for. Pinlearn is an software for consulting that has essential features like a consultant dashboard, interactive whiteboard, live class facility, analytics, monetization strategies, etc. It is an open-source ready-made solution that offers code accessibly, customization, freedom to choose the hosting service of your choice, and a lot of other features and functionalities that allow you to run your astrology classes effortlessly and your students to learn as per their convenience. 

Research and study about successful astrologers

Understanding and keeping track of your competition is important for staying relevant in the industry. This is especially important for astrologers when starting out online. By analyzing and studying other successful astrologers in the same niche, you cannot just learn their best practices but also avoid some of the mistakes they have made. 

Studying your competitors will help you identify a gap in the market if any. It can allow you to recognize your service, which is not presently offered by other astrology businesses and see what your competitors are offering. With the analysis of competition, you can understand your competitor’s marketing strategies which might be beneficial for your business. Getting insights into your competitor’s marketing techniques will allow you to prepare strategies to counter them as well.

How to make money using astrology?

Once you enter the business, you will be surprised how your astrology reading will take off. Adapt an astrology reading to suit your area of expertise, as niche readings can help you make more money. So let’s see how to make money using astrology:

  • Establishing an astrology business with in-person and online consultations.
  • Creating a website for your astrology consultations.
  • Offering online classes to train new astrologers and astrology enthusiasts. 
  • Selling astrology online courses and eBooks.

How to promote astrology business online?

Once you set up your astrology business, now you must know how to promote astrology business online. For new astrologers, this is a critical step in growing your astrological consulting business as it helps to get your customers.

Initially, provide free live classes to build trust

Most people would be reluctant to sign up for astrology classes online until they get familiar with your teaching brand. To solve this dilemma of students about choosing particular online classes, consider offering free classes to your students initially to build trust. 

Offer free astrology sessions to your students so they can try out your classes before registering for them. Giving away free lessons also increases the chance of more students signing up for your astrology classes.

Write blog posts related to astrology

If you are looking for how to promote astrology business online, one of the best ways is to start an astrology blog of your own. If you work at it enough, you can even make money from your blogs using ads and affiliate marketing besides using it as a promotion tool. Your blogs are the first place where you can share your Astro-thoughts and important information and address the questions of your students. 

To find topics for your blogs, and think about the niches in astrology that you are an expert at. Consider reading astrology books, journal articles, and blogs from popular astrologers in the industry to get new ideas for your blog posts. 

Hire other astrologers to teach from your platform and build relationship

Now more than ever, it is equally important to build strong relationships with your peers in the industry. After creating an astrology consulting website, you can consider connecting with other astrologers and inviting them to teach in your platform. 

This helps to fuel conversations and connections in different ways. Make sure you hire different professionals from various niches so that you can deliver astrology lessons that cover several topics that might be appealing to your target audience. This will also help you to gain a competitive advantage in the industry. 

Promote your platform through social media & advertising

Integrating powerful marketing techniques is really important to keep your online astrology business moving forward successfully and achieving a steady flow of potential learners. Once you build your astrology teaching website, you can use email marketing and online advertising to promote your business through search engines and social media platforms. If you ask where to advertise your astrology business, social media is the right place to begin. 

Use social media to promote your online astrology classes, offer free access to your classes, offer membership plans, instructive videos, etc., to show the incredible learning experience your students can enjoy in astrology classes.


Running an astrology business online is not an easy task; it takes a lot of deep understanding and studying of stars and planet systems and various other aspects before you can master the skill of making accurate predictions. The advancements of the internet have made it much easier for astrologers to share their knowledge with interested prospects through their official websites. No matter which stars favor your astrology brand right now, there is a technology partner who can help you create an otherworldly business platform. For any further assistance in creating your own consulting website to power your astrology business, get in touch with your expert team.