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Class bookings made easy on Pinlearn with student wallets

Last Updated : 17th Aug 2022

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About Student Wallet Payment on Pinlearn

Pinlearn comes with an in-built wallet that students can use to make transactions on the platform. Now no need to add card details every time a student buys a class or a course on Pinlearn. With the in-built wallet feature on Pinlearn, students can pre-load their wallets with money and use that across the website to make purchases. Students just need to add their card details once while registering their card on Pinlearn and then use the student wallet payment feature to purchase classes on the platform.

How does it work?

  • The student adds their debit/credit card details only once through the ‘add a card’ option present in their profile.
  • After entering their card details and saving, the card is registered on the platform and can be used to add any amount to their student wallet.
  • Now using the saved card, students can add money to their wallet and make payments for group class/1-on-1 class/course from their wallet balance. No need to enter card details every time for a purchase.
  • The payment is deducted from the student’s wallet balance.
  • Students can apply coupon codes for specific classes and avail of a discount through their student wallet too.
  • Any refund requested by the student within 3 days is refunded back to their student wallet.
  • If the student cancels their class 24 hours prior to the class, then the amount is refunded back to their student wallet.
  • If any course is canceled by the system or the tutor, then the amount is refunded back to the student’s wallet.
  • If the balance in the student wallet is low, then students won’t be able to make any purchases on the platform. They’ll receive a notification saying, “Wallet Balance is low to make a booking.”
  • Students will need to replenish their balance in the student wallet to make further purchases.

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