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Last Updated : 10th Aug 2021

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About Custom Certificate Design

Every popular e-learning platform has the feature of awarding a certificate to mark the completion of a course by the students. Platforms like Udemy and Coursera use a feature to auto-generate well-designed certificates for their students. Every certificate contains the unique details of each student like name, course name, etc.

The students will receive auto-generated error-free certificates on integrating this feature into your platform. Thus, saving you from the work of creating certificates manually.

Unique details added on the certificates:

Each certificate will auto-generate the following details

Student name, Tutor name, Course name, Date of completion, Site logo

Why Custom Certificate Design

  • The students can add the certificate to their respective portfolios.
  • The auto-generating feature saves the admin from the manual labor of physically designing the certificates.
  • The auto-generated certificates are error-free.

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