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Last Updated : 10th Aug 2021

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About Charge now & Capture funds later

To grow a profitable business, one must have a steady and regular cash flow. While immediate payment collection may sound like the ideal way of collecting payment but it exposes the business to the threat of fraud chargebacks. Fraud chargebacks can be a significant backwards shove to the business during the growing stages. Therefore, it is advisable to incorporate delayed capture for payments to prevent this danger.

With the Charge now, Capture funds later, the system will authorize the student card/account and validate whether the card is VALID and has funds for making a special payment. The payment will be collected after a few days.

How Does It Work?

  • When a student books a class with a tutor and proceeds from payment, the system verifies whether their account is valid and has enough funds to make the payment.
  • Once verified, the system sends a message to the bank to freeze the appointment amount until it gets captured.
  • The system will trigger Stripe to capture the amount before the appointment/class date (ideally 24 hours).
  • Once the bank receives the signal from Stripe, it releases the frozen funds, and the money gets credited to the admin account.

Why Choose Charge Now & Capture Funds Later?

  • The delayed capture feature gives an extra cushion of time to restock services out of stock.
  • It gives enough time to verify a user account to stay safe from fraud.
  • The verification process will help to deal with fraud chargebacks as well.

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