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Last Updated : 17th Aug 2022

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About 1 on 1 bundle package feature on Pinlearn

Pinlearn gives another awesome feature that is not only a life saver but a big money saver for students. The 1 on 1 bundle feature on Pinlearn lets tutors create bundles of classes that are more economical for the students. Other than the usual individual 1 on 1 class, tutors can now create a bundle package of classes and sell it to students. For e.g., these bundle packages can be for 10 classes costing $50, whereas if students buy it individually, then each class can cost them $10. Pinlearn not only helps students by providing economical options but also helps tutors to sell more of their classes.

Tutor Features

  • Tutors can manage their bundles from a separate tab in their profile, “My Bundles,” where they can see all the bundles created by them previously and manage their bundles.
  • They can also create new bundles with details like Name, Number of classes in the bundle, Ordering number, Price of the bundle, and Expiry date of the bundle.
  • The earnings of tutors on bundles are calculated based on the total price of the bundle divided by the number of classes in that bundle.
  • Tutor earnings from the bundle are then added to their overall earnings after taking out the admin commission percentage.

Student Features

  • Students can go to the 1 on 1 class and choose the tutor and see the bundle classes offered by them.
  • They can easily pay for the bundle classes they want and purchase them.
  • Students can see all the details of the bundle they purchased in their profile like Tutor name, Bundle price, Total classes, Used classes, Remaining classes, and Expiry date of the bundle.
  • Every bundle package has an expiry date which can be set by the tutor who owns that bundle. Once the expiry date is breached, students cannot use the remaining classes of that particular bundle.
  • The unused classes are not wasted, and students can use them in the next bundle of the same tutor or bundle of other tutors.
  • Once the student has used all their classes, the remaining classes tab becomes 0.
  • Students can track all bundle transactions on the student transaction page using filters.
  • Once bundles are purchased, students cannot request a direct refund on the bundle packages.
  • If both the tutor and the admin agree, then a refund can be issued as a bundle credit which means a refund will be issued as the number of classes that will be added to the student’s bundle.

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