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Last Updated : 07th Nov 2022

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Subscriptions for 1-on-1 live classes on Pinlearn

1-on-1 classes are the best way for students to get focused attention from the tutors for their studies. Pinlearn provides admins the control to create subscriptions for 1-on-1 live classes for each tutor. With multiple subscription plans to choose from, students can buy any subscription plan and use it to avail of 1-on-1 classes from their preferred tutor. The admin sets the prices of each class for each tutor.

Admin Features

  • Admin of the platform can create various subscription plans from the backend from the “subscription plan” tab on the dashboard.
  • They can create subscription plans by entering data like the type of subscription, the price of the subscription, and the number of classes for each subscription.
  • Admins can easily manage subscriptions from the dashboard by viewing the expiry and renewal date of subscription plans for each student and also the number of slots remaining for each subscription plan.
  • There are no refunds offered on cancellation of subscription plans.
  • All the transactions can be monitored by the admin from the “payment manager” tab.
  • Admins can set the prices of 1-on-1 classes for each tutor from the dashboard on Pinlearn.

Student Features

  • Students can buy subscription plans under the “pricing” tab visible on their profiles.
  • They can view and manage their subscriptions on their profile and can activate/deactivate subscriptions to avoid recurring fees.
  • The subscription plan stays active till the expiry date once the student cancels a subscription.
  • Once a student buys a subscription plan, they can use it to choose the 1-on-1 class credits on any tutor of their choice.
  • Slots will expire after the subscription gets over in case the student doesn’t use all slots in their subscription plan.

Tutor Features

  • Tutors on Pinlearn cannot set subscription plans; only admins can do that.
  • They are paid based on the number of classes completed by them.

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