How to Make Money By Sharing Your Skill

Fifty years ago, various life stages were inevitably perceived as distinct, watertight components. Little thought was given to personal enrichment and a reasonable livelihood was thought to be tethered to the mundane. By the turn of this millennium, however, more and more people had discovered that personal skills could work as career enhancers and also serve to fill their piggy banks on the side. The number of people in the US who pursue part-time roles in addition to their full-time professions is on the incline, courtesy the number of novel business avenues for skill owners. If you harbor a skill that you’d like to share with the world, this article is for you.

Make Money By Sharing Your Skill

Here are six ways to make money by sharing your skill:

Method 1. Sell or Market Your Skills Online

If you have adequate time on your hands, and you’d like to scale your skill offerings quickly, think of setting up a virtual video platform that will let you upload courses and monetise them. One platform that gives you the option of crafting your own skills platform is Pinlearn with efficient learning content management system. With its device-agnostic capability, sleek features and versatile admin console, you can create a world-class user experience for your learners without having to drain your bank account. The best part about Pinlearn is that its turnkey framework allows you to personalise and launch your video skills platform in a matter of days.

Method 2. Set up a Q&A Platform

If creating content isn’t your strong suit, no matter. There’s another way you can share your skills with learners and subject matter enthusiasts. Ever heard of JustAnswer? The website invites experts and professionals to register on it, and onboards them after verifying their expertise. These experts then get paid for answering questions related to their subject matter from users. JustAnswer currently operates on a chat model, opening up interaction windows between users and professionals. This is also your answer on How To Sell Education Courses. However, this means that the communication is limited to a virtual chat. If you’re enthusiastic about JustAnswer’s model, consider opening a service that also allows video interactions between users and experts. Of course, this would entail a large number of credential verifications, but the overall user experience would also likely improve. Alternatively, if you’d rather market your own skill without bothering about a Q&A marketplace, set up a singular Q&A service with you as the only expert. Monetise your service by charging users for every question answered, or keep the service free and look to advertisers for compensation instead.

Method 3. Establish Live Classes

Google Hangouts and Skype are great for casual, informal chats, but it’s advisable to pick out a technology that will equip you with an array of tailored features for live classes. For instance, if you’re a dancer, dance classes over a video chat can be productive if you use a superior framework. Or if you play the guitar, virtual lessons can be fruitful if your underlying streaming technology provides fluid, lightning-fast streams. Pinlearn’s live streaming tool can help you with this and on how to sell education courses.

Method 4. Be a Virtual Consultant

Finding the right consultant for any business can be quite a task. The internet, however, has made this easier by providing virtual access to a variety of professions. By being a virtual consultant, you have the option of working from anywhere, monetising your contribution as you go along. If you decide to launch your own consultancy, consider whether you’d want to feature as a solo consultant, or open up your platform to others to provide users with a larger array of options. Some existing virtual consultancies are industry-specific. This is a worthwhile approach if you would like to target a select audience in the learning content management system.

Method 5. Conduct Webinars

We’ve already spoken about how live video can work as a great tool for one-on-one virtual classes. However, if you are thinking of scaling your reach to touch a mass audience, a webinar is a powerful, far-sweeping tool. You could host a webinar for just about any skill you want to share, from teaching users how to groom their pets to gardening guides for various housing formats. Pinlearn offers one-to-many live streaming options that would work well for webinars. Monetise these by inviting advertisers to place banner ads across the screen during a stream.

Method 6. Create Content Material

If you have a flair for writing, translate your skill into an easy-to-read guide that you can market as an eBook. There are a host of platforms that you could look at to retail your content, with Amazon being at the forefront of eBook retail. Consider turning your eBooks into whitepapers too. If you own a business or are part of one that owns existing scattered content, repurposing it into a digestible content format is a worthwhile option and could prove extremely lucrative. Plus, you wouldn’t have to invest much time in creating it or thinking about how to sell education courses.

Even the smallest skills can sometimes display the largest reach. Turn your skill into your business today. It’ll be worth every minute.

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